New tech transforming careers

New tech transforming careers

New tech transforming careers

Hard labour and monotonous tasks are soon likely to be a thing of the past

Whether it’s dropping off packages from Amazon or creating awesome aerial shots, drones are making waves as tools for recreation, photography, survey and delivery. People are finding new ways to use the technology and engineers are at the forefront of the revolution.

Monique Quirk uses the remote-control flying machines to monitor the integrity of bridges. As a Bachelor of Civil Engineering student at Griffith University, Monique did a placement with GHD, a global engineering, architecture and construction company. “I did structural inspections, capturing data with laser scanners, and created 3D models to assess the condition of the structure.”

Monique is now a graduate tunnel engineer with GHD, working on coal mines, dams, weirs and tunnels. “What I love most is the variety of work,” she says.

As well as design, you can be involved in business development, market leadership and project management – the opportunities are limitless. Drones aren’t the only tech to benefit engineers. The race to develop driverless cars is creating many jobs as companies such as GM, Ford and Uber invest millions in the industry.

“It’s a great time for anyone who’s focused on engineering, especially for those involved in innovative projects, such as automated driving,” says Zane Humphrey, a project manager at Bosch, which worked on Australia’s first self-driving car in 2016. The prototype has radar sensors, GPS and a stereo video camera that allow it to safely drive itself without input from a driver.

While the project involved mechanical and electrical engineers, most of the work was in software engineering. As machines become increasingly automated, the need for people who can adapt these systems will grow, bringing to life a technology we can only imagine today.

– Cherese Sonkkila

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Bachelor of Engineering/Arts (International Studies), University of Technology Sydney

Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, RMIT University

Diploma of Engineering – Technical (Mechanical), TAFE NSW


GHD | Google | Bosch


Graduate software engineer: $54,765

Project manager, IT: $104,467

Principal electrical engineer: $151, 294


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