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Video playlist: Get a next gen career

Next gen careers - future scientist

Looking for next gen career inspo? We’ve got you!

If you want to know what some of the most in demand careers of the future will be, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve deep dived into four of them below and chatted with the people working in these next gen careers to show you how you can easily combine STEM with your hobby, interest or passion.

Whether you want to work to work in energy, data, construction and design or science, there’s heaps to take away from these videos – plus the eight-page Job Kits that go along with them.

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1. Future energy specialist

Relying on fossil fuels for our energy resources has created big challenges for our planet. We’re now focusing on renewable, clean energy resources, but we need ways to find, extract, store and recycle that energy. The job of a future energy specialist is to find those solutions.

Keen on this career? Check out this webinar to learn more and meet the people who are shaping our energy future.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Future Energy Specialist Job Kit – your eight-page guide to this next gen career

2. Data scientist

Data science will transform the way we live and work, and studying this future-focused discipline at uni can provide next-gen career pathways into medical science, social science, biology, robotics and the environment.

In this video, Careers with STEM CEO and publisher Karen Taylor-Brown talks us through cutting-edge opportunities in data science and chats to QUT graduates and researchers working on some seriously cool projects. Find out how to secure yourself a smart study pathway from people who’ve already established their own future-driven STEM gigs.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Data Scientist Job Kit – your eight-page guide to this next gen career

3. Construction project design

By 2024 it’s expected that construction will employ 1.28 million people in Australia – many in small-to-medium sized businesses. Project management, site development and urban planning are some of the rewarding career paths in this space.

In this webinar, we chat to three leading experts about paths into career in construction from architects and surveyors to site managers. Construction is the third-largest industry in Australia, makes up 9% of employment and is projected to grow another 10% by 2023.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Construction Project Design – your eight-page guide to this next gen career

4. Future scientist

Next generation scientists will transform the way that we live and work, and address the global challenges we face right now. From the health aspects of urban and regional development, to drone management of wildlife, 3D visualisation of reefs, and futuristic uses of materials, discover the new careers emerging from advanced science and the pathways to get there.

Above, hear from experts in their careers about how new-world scientists can provide paths into all kinds of careers like wildlife drone conservationist, 3D reef visualiser, climate mitigator and business inventor.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Future Scientist Job Kit – your eight-page guide to this next gen career

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