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From the navy to cyber security: 5-minute Q&A

navy to cyber security career palo alto networks

Interested in a career in cyber security? The roles and pathways to a cyber security career are as diverse as the people needed to fill them.

Nicholas Desilas works as the Strategic Relationship Representative for Palo Alto Networks – a leading global cyber security company.

After high school, Nicholas studied a Certificate IV in Engineering (Electronics and Engineering) at TAFE NSW before spending a decade as an engineer in the Royal Australian Navy.

“I worked in electronics, which has nothing to do with cyber security, but I always had an interest in electronics and technology,” he says.

When Nicholas left the navy, he says cyber security stood out to him as an emerging and exciting field and was able to do some training through a company called WithYouWithMe which runs military veteran transition training, focussed on areas in the tech sector where there are skills shortages – like cyber security.

“That’s, what’s great about cyber security, you get people from a diverse range of backgrounds all coming together to solve one problem,” Nicholas says.

Nicholas says his experience in the navy has proved valuable to his new career in the cyber security field, and he wouldn’t change a thing about his career path.

“I find a lot of people are becoming more interested in cyber security, but they don’t know what to do. I have friends that are leaving the military asking ‘how do you do it?'”, says Nicholas. “It’s just about, you know if you have that kind of mindset that you want to be disruptive, you want to learn and get into something new and different. There are so many roles, it’s a great environment and it’s growing rapidly.”

Watch our 5-minute Q&A with Nicholas to find out about:

  • His path from the navy to cyber security career
  • What his job at Palo Alto Networks involves
  • The best part about his job
  • His words of advice

This article is published in partnership with Palo Alto Networks.


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