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No code? No worries!

Want to build apps or websites but not into coding? There’s an app for that!

People with quality coding skills are always in hot demand, but what if there was a tech tool to help you code without having to learn a programming language? Talk about meta!

That’s what the no-code movement is all about. No-code platforms offer simple drag-and-drop tools to enable people without coding skills to build websites, apps and other digital creations. It’s sort of like being given building blocks rather than having to construct the whole building from scratch.

For Elizabeth Knight, an entrepreneur who started her first business at age 19, no-code has allowed her to bring her ideas to reality without needing lots of money or technical skills.

“I hope it will shift power away from patriarchal institutions in the business world, and give power back to founders and creators,” Elizabeth says.

When she first started her business career in a co-working space, Elizabeth says she was surrounded by “a lot of guys in their twenties who fit the tech/startup bro stereotype,” having conversations about tech that seemed exclusive and inaccessible.

Having used no-code to help build the tech her business needed, she hasn’t looked back. “Finally I felt legitimised in the tech scene,” Elizabeth says.

She’s now running a business teaching others how to use no-code!

What’s it worth?

The global market for low-code development tech (including no-code) is projected to total almost $40 billion in 2023, an increase of 19.6% from 2022.

This story first appeared in Careers with STEM: Technology 2023.


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