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9 amazing food and nutrition science career options to stick your fork into

nutrition science careers

Got an interest in food, where it comes from or how it fuels the body? Fascinated by nutrition and helping society? Then there’s a banquet of career opportunities ahead

Third-year Australian Catholic University (ACU) student, Ruby Williams, has a passion for helping people, for sport, fitness and cooking, which is the perfect combo since she’s studying a Bachelor of Nutrition Science degree. “I’ve always been interested in the human sciences, but since doing my degree, I’ve realised there’s a big connection between food and science.”

 Ruby’s keen to pursue a Culinary Nutrition Major as part of her degree – a first in Australia – and plans to complete her Masters in Dietetic Practice, too.

 “There are so many career paths in food and nutrition,” Ruby says. 

Here are nine exciting careers a Bachelor of Nutrition Science degree could lead to. Plus, if you’re in high school, we’ve suggested the electives to sign up for.

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1. Food / Culinary Scientist

Study and analyse all things food and get paid to do it. Think: nutrient content, how processed foods are made in a safe and healthy way or even discover new food sources (think: insects for protein!).

Choose electives like: Chemistry, Biology, Food Tech, PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education), Agriculture

2. Public Health Nutritionist

Working with whole communities, as a public health nutritionist you promote healthy eating and help develop policies and programs around food access and consumption and healthy diets within society.

Choose electives like: Home Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Food Tech, PDHPE, HSIE  

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3. Sports Dietitian

After studying nutrition science, go on and complete further study to become a dietitian and then travel and consult with your fave sports team advising on the best foods to fuel athletes and the best performance eating plan to make gains. 

Choose electives like: PDHPE, Biology, Chemistry, HSIE (Human Society and its Environment Life Skills), Maths, Business Studies

4. Food Safety Officer

Check out where food is made, how it’s made and ensure that all the safety requirements are met before it hits the supermarket shelves. 

Choose electives like: Biology, Chemistry, HSIE, Maths, Business Studies, Legal Studies

5. Health Policy Advisor

Work for the public in hospitals, health departments and government agencies, ensuring rules are in place to help every member of society have access to sufficient food to meet their dietary needs.

Choose electives like: Biology, Maths, English, CAFS (Community and Family Studies), Economics

6. Digital nutrition project officer

Use design thinking skills, app and web development and nutrition science to develop, test and roll out digital products for the benefit of the broader community. Think healthy eating, specific diet requirements and dietary advice. You could even include augmented reality or Artificial Intelligence!

Choose electives like: Digital Technologies, STEM, Food Tech, Chemistry, Biology, Design and Technology

7. Food and Nutrition Communicator

Spread the word about food, nutrition, health and sustainability. Specialise in writing about nutritional benefits of new products as they come along (think: kale and acai berries), or debunk the latest diet craze!

Choose electives like: English, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Business Studies

8. Product Developer

Get creative in the kitchen – or warehouse, factory or restaurant – and work with a team of foodies to research, develop, design of new types of nourishment. 

Choose electives like: English, Food Tech, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Economics

9. Sustainability Consultant

You’ll be an expert on supply chain and the environmental impact of the food industry. 

Choose electives like: Earth and Environmental Science, Chemistry, Agriculture, Commerce, Legal Studies

This post is brought to you in partnership with Australian Catholic University (ACU). Check out their nutrition science degree and study options here.

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