Top 5 questions to ask at Uni Open Day

University Open Day
Uni Open Day is a great way to decide what uni and degree to apply for – and you might even discover a course you’ve never heard of! Image: Shutterstock

Everything you should ask at Open Day before you choose a uni or degree

On University Open Days campuses are generally buzzing with tours, information sessions, games, competitions, student performances and yep – sometimes even free barbecues and food stalls! 

Sitting in on lectures, chatting to course co-ordinators and meeting real-life undergraduates are some of the intro activities that generally go down, although like the last few years, loads will have virtual offerings too. 

So, what do you ask when face-to-face – or live chatting – a course co-ordinator, student or fellow soon-to-be undergrad? Western Sydney University student and Student Services Hub team member, Nicola Lopino has some pretty good ideas to get you clued up and confident before you pick your preferences. 

Psychology honours student Nicola Christine Lopino recommends asking everything and anything.

1. “Er, what’s actually involved in this program?”

Best to understand what the next few years will look like before you enrol, right? If you’re interested in a specific degree don’t be afraid to hunt down a course co-ordinator and ask them about what types of assessments are involved in the course – and what the tutorial and lectures will look like. 

“There are often hundreds on offer!” says Nicola. “The staff and students involved can help you decide if it’s the program for you!”

2. “What type of careers could this degree lead to?” 

Be specific with your pathway dreams and make sure you are scoping out a degree compatible with the gig of your dreams! “If you have an interest but you’re not sure where it can take you, staff and students on campus can help you find out what your future could look like, depending on what you study,” explains Nicola. 

Don’t forget to ask about new, lesser known STEM degrees too. Loads are in their first or second years – and might even lead to jobs that don’t exist yet. 

3. “What kinds of fun, extra-curricular stuff do you offer?”

One of the best parts of uni life is all the cool STEM societies and clubs you can sign up to! Getting involved in societies and clubs at uni is an awesome way to make friends, learn new things and develop your passions and hobbies.

“At an Open Day there’ll will be plenty of current staff and students on campus who’ll have insight into the university experience – beyond the classes and study,” stresses Nicola.

And the chances that you’ll meet a bunch of like-minded STEM lovers? Seriously high.

4. “Help! How do I apply?”

If you’re across us on socials, you’ll know that we’re always reminding you of key dates – enrolment cut-offs, preference changing opportunities, ATAR score releases and deadlines to accept and defer your offers by. 

Stay across these on the UAC website, but use Open Day as a chance to confirm the process with your desired uni too. “There’ll be friendly staff on campus to help you with your application,” says Nicola. Phew! 

5. “What support services are available?” 

Heading to uni can be exciting, fun and the start of a fulfilling career pathway – but it can also be seriously overwhelming. If you’re in need of extra help, guidance or facilities there are a range of valuable services – financial assistance, mental health programs and disability support. “Open Day is a great opportunity to learn how your studies can be supported,” stresses Nicola. 

Want more Open Day resources?

Our Open Day hub is full of free resources:

Catch Nicola at the University of Western Sydney’s Open Day on August 14. And if you’re headed elsewhere? Look out for your local student services team member! 


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