Our biggest issue ever is out now!

We’re seeing out 2020 with a bang (and a sigh of relief) with the launch of our biggest ever edition of Careers with STEM magazine!

Formerly Careers with STEM: Code, our new Technology edition is all about showcasing the breadth and diversity of careers that use technology and rely on digital literacy skills every day.

Thanks to our sponsor Google, four copies of the magazine are distributed to every secondary school in Australia and New Zealand, and this year we also gave the opportunity for schools to order up to 100 free copies, with 10,367 copies ordered by 146 schools across Australia and New Zealand.

That’s 10,367 opportunities to inspire the next generation about the STEM careers of the future!

“Students love these as there are not too many printed materials left that they can actually take home and share with family,” commented Mithat DeMir, Careers Counsellor at Sirius College in Victoria, who ordered 50 free copies.

“As a girls-only school, we are really trying to encourage STEM involvement,” said Jenny Dunn from Avila College also in Victoria, who ordered 100 copies.

More than ever, technology truly pervades every aspect of our lives – and the COVID-19 pandemic has only further illustrated our reliance on technology to stay connected.

In this 68-page edition, discover how you can build your dream career by combining technology with your passion for anything from fashion, humanities and health, to space, education or conservation.

Meet real-life tech professionals with diverse career paths, including non-uni grads. Discover how tech is revitalising our regional areas, plus gain industry insights and tips from real people inside some of our biggest tech companies about how to land a job.

Flip the cover over for our special cyber security edition!

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries, with the Australian sector alone expected to grow by 300% by 2026 – and 17,000 new cyber security workers needed in that time. Cyber security is also crucial for keeping our infrastructure and societies safe. 

Produced with the support of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, this special 19-page edition on the flip-cover of Careers with STEM: Technology highlights the diverse and sometimes surprising pathways into a career in cyber security, busts myths around what it means and looks like to work in this crucial sector, emphasises the importance of non-technical skills and showcases real-life cyber professionals with inspiring career stories.

Gemma Chilton

Author: Gemma Chilton

Gemma is the Managing Editor of Careers with STEM magazine. She has previously worked as Digital Managing Editor at Australian Geographic and a staff writer at Cosmos science magazine.


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