Three minutes with innovators from IMPACT7.

First job

What's the secret behind making the most of your first job?

Girls Invent program

Inspired by his teenage daughter, Mark Glazebrook founded Girls Invent to help young women translate their inventions into marketable products.

Splendour in the grass

Mixing science and music, this Science Tent brings zombies, sharks, and edible ants to the Splendour in the Grass festival.

Fashion and coding

Are you the perfect mix of fashion and coding? At Vogue codes computer science and fashion are coming together and the result is stunning.

Coder Academy

When you're learning from a former hacker, you get some surprising tips and tricks.

Coding terms

When we went to Coder Academy, they gave us a run-down of some basic coding terms. Here's what they said.

How STEM education can change society

STEM education can change society for at-risk and indigenous students.

Learning to code

I's basically just a bit of text, right?!

App idea

Lisa came up with an amazing app idea when she was having one of her worst moments.

Marine PhD

Marine PhD student finds dolphins will track ships for years.