ANU cybersecurity

Paige Brown is on track for an exciting career in cybersecurity.

University of Waikato cybersecurity

Ryan Ko is a cybersecurity specialist who is helping users protect themselves online.

La Trobe University cybersecurity

La Trobe University are building their computer science portfolio to meet the industry demand for cybersecurity professionals.

Federation University computer science

Federation University Australia is rethinking the way computer science degrees work.

QUT CS career paths

Kickstart your career and get work-ready by doing internships while you study at QUT.

University of Sydney information technologies

To prepare for your first job, you need to think beyond just getting good grades.

Victoria University of Wellington media design

Victoria University of Wellington’s unique combination of design and creative coding is putting its graduates at the front of the computer science pack.

TAFE NSW digital media and technology

TAFE NSW can get you job-ready sooner with fast, flexible and up-to-date courses.

The experience maker

Companies are looking for skilled designers who can create good user experiences, and the University of Queensland is producing these grads.

Computer Science smart agriculture

Computer science can help cultivate the food, fuels and fibres of the future.

CSIRO imaging technology

Olivier Salvado is developing a way to use imaging technology to detect Alzheimer's disease in the brain decades before a patient gets sick.