Careers helping people

Making the world a better place for the people living in it (aka us!), takes a lot of number crunching.

Google internships

Internships help students engineer successful computer science careers.

Conservation careers

It'll blow your mind how many ways maths can make a difference internationally. Check out these data scientists and conservationists who came from UTS.

Health start-ups

Combine business knowhow with health expertise and make a real difference.

University of Adelaide health technology

Young people bring a unique perspective to digital technologies.


UNSW Australia’s Climate Change Research Centre offers just the right atmosphere for climatology - the science of understanding our planet’s climate.

Veterinary Science

Study veterinary and wildlife science at Federation University, become an animal health expert and change the world!

Health informatics

A career in health informatics takes data analysis a step further, combining science with information technology to save lives.

Shape the future

Engineers create amazing solutions to big problems – from predicting earthquakes to improving cancer surgery.

CS + Future

Combining computer science with your interests will give you the skills you need to be part of the most exciting future careers.

Future learning

Big changes to how we learn and work are closer than you think.