Google interns

Google's Steph Borgman explains what interns learn from working at Google, and what they bring to the team.


Research at the University of Sydney sees biologists and chemists working side by side on treating disease.


Optical physics researchers at Queensland University of Technology are changing the way we see the world around us.

Materials science at ANSTO

ANSTO materials science researchers develop materials with unique properties to help solve problems.

Marine science

Get out in the field and experience nature first hand with science courses like oceanography at UTS.

Food technology

By studying food technology at the University of Queensland, you can have a big impact on health and safety.

Biomedical animation

Watch a biomedical animation that shows you the amazing things that go on inside your body when you step into the sunlight.

Hidden Figures

Take a look at the amazing women in Hidden Figures, a heartwarming hollywood movie based on the true story of African-American women working at NASA during the space race.

Every winner of the UNSW Bragg Prize for Student Science Writing

Since the competition's inception in 2015, here is every single winner of the UNSW Bragg Prize for Student Science Writing to date. 2018: Winner of the...

Dream of being an explorer? Start here

If you have a curious mind and a keen interest in science and travel, a career as an intrepid explorer could be on your horizon.

Science + Feed the World

With a career is agriculture, you could develop groundbreaking technologies that could tackle some of the world’s major food security challenges.