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Parent’s guide to uni open days

Are you a parent or guardian who is eager to go see what’s available for your child at upcoming uni open days? 

Uni open days can be exciting! Seeing all the opportunities that different universities can offer for your child’s education. Supporting your child’s journey to uni can take shape in many different ways, and we have a guide just for you!  

Have a look at some of the steps we think you can take to support your teen with upcoming uni open days:

Research when unis are open in 2024

Have a look around at some of the universities that have in-person and virtual uni open days!

This first step can be a little bit daunting for teens, as there are just so many institutions to visit. We’ve compiled a list of the upcoming 2024 open days, which can be found here.

If they’re a more visual learner, here is our wrap-up of uni reels to check out what open days may look like.

Parent and guardian sessions

As much as it is accepted that parents can attend open days, your child may not wish for you to accompany them in person.

If you’re still keen to see what is on offer, some universities run parent and guardian information sessions, like the upcoming University of Newcastle parent and guardian info session. Have a look at the list of open days above, and look at the uni schedules closer to the open days for sessions you would like to attend!

Share experiences of university

Often, teens are looking for your advice, and for those of you who have been to university, it can be very valuable to share your experiences for what they could be on the lookout for!

Or, if you haven’t personally gone to uni, share some of the stories from other students through our STEM + X role models page! Students have so many different experiences and pathways to where they are now; open your teen’s mind to the many STEM opportunities out there.

You never know; just by going to the Open Days themselves, your teen’s path could change, just like some of the students we’ve spoken to previously.

If you are going in person

There is so much to do during a university open day. Make sure you have a look at the activities before you leave the house!

Let your child guide you to what sessions interest them and be a support person for them. If you find an activity or a course that they may be interested in, point them towards it. But don’t be afraid to let them explore what is available for themselves. 

The flood of info can be a lot for a prospective student (especially if there are new degrees available), and having someone there to support and gather everything they need is vital.

Here’s a crash course’s an A-Z in open days that they can watch:

For more on how to make the most of Open Day, head on over to our Open Day information hub.


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