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Meet career role models

AI artist and researcher

J. Rosenbaum figured out how to combine their passion for creativity with their love for tech and now teaches others how to tap into that vision.

Hearing researcher

Dr Kelly Miles is shaping the future of how we communicate as a hearing researcher at Macquarie University’s Ecological Hearing Outcomes Lab Kelly is a passionate researcher driven by a desire to make a difference. She stands at the forefront of technology and research, using her STEM expertise to tackle human communication problems related to […]

Westpac Young Technologist

Westpac Young Technologist Indigo Hennig is hoping to change the world for the better with tech, having found the perfect harmony in her maths and IT double degree

Wearable tech expert

Meet Tiarna McElligott, the student-CEO who’s saving firefighters with wearable tech

Machine learning engineer

Using her skills as a machine learning engineer, Jane Shen is helping build the next generation of AI-powered customer service chatbots

Co-founder, Goanna Solutions

When Corey Brown, a proud Gamilaraay and Dunghutti man, launched Goanna Solutions in 2018, he wanted to break a cycle and make digital technologies, and the skills required to get a job in the field, available to everyone.

AI ethicist

Mixing AI with ethics has proven to be a winning combo for Adriana Bora, who is putting her tech skills to use fighting modern slavery

Robots research fellow

Mahla Nejati’s early love of programming came from robotics comps at school and now she loves solving real-world problems with algorithms.

Security engineer, Google

It’s Candice Bowditch’s job to keep Google systems safe from hackers and other cyber security threats

Software engineer, Google

When Anna decided to combine computer science and accounting at university, it proved to be a winning move

Site reliability engineer

Max Griffiths uses his computer science skills to keep Google products running smoothly and reliably

Cyber security intern

Wanting to help others for a living had Daniella Kurnia Surya considering becoming a surgeon. She then picked cyber security instead!

Application security consultant

Fadzayi Chiwandire moved to Australia to study cyber security at ECU after realising how much fun she could have protecting apps from hackers, and today she’s an application security consultant

Space startup founder

Lauren Fell uses psychology and STEM skills to explain human decision making, make apps for health professionals and help students understand the role of tech in society Once upon a time, Lauren thought that studying psychology could only lead to a job as a psychologist. Now, she’s forging a unique career that combines psychology with…quantum […]

Graduate structural engineer

Working with big design for big vehicles is a big deal in structural engineering and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Stratoship designer

Engineering has led Daniel Field to work on everything from aircraft maintenance to a giant airship that travels around the edge of our atmosphere.

Physics PhD student

Emily Ahern, a physics PhD student at the University of Adelaide, works on atomic clocks which are super helpful in the race to space!

Electronics engineer, RAAF

Mohamed uses his aerospace engineering skills to help protect Australia from air and missile threats


David Lambkin went from building parts for mining excavators to helping medical researchers as a biostatistician, all with engineering

Biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineering PhD student Daniel Leong has always dreamed of controlling devices with his mind Futuristic movies and games inspired Daniel to study biomedical engineering and delve deeper into how to make his dream a reality. After graduating from high school and studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Melbourne, Daniel moved […]

Founder, ZEST Robotics

Sarah Eisenmenger mixes engineering, robotics and AI with business to help close the STEM gap in schools

Graduate mechanical engineer

If you love variety, like Abby Hutchins does, you might want to consider a career with a consulting engineering firm 

Energy analyst

Studying renewable energy has taken Ashleigh Nicholls to Germany where she gets to travel Europe and tap the German language skills she learnt in school

Application engineer

Akshat Sharma’s curiosity and perseverance have seen him help other aspiring engineers towards a dream career like his

Engineering trades teacher

Melinda Jeffery wasn’t keen on uni so she chose a vocational pathway and became a star apprentice instead. Now she’s an engineering trades teacher and loves it The thought of three years stuck in a classroom environment at uni almost led Melinda to drop out of school in Year 12. But some helpful career advice […]

Graduate developer

Pranavi Gangapuri loves the diversity of engineering and the fun social activities that her graduate developer role offers In high school, Pranavi enjoyed biology and chemistry, but she was also super into IT so was keen to combine science and tech in her future career. Her Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering delivered on both fronts, but […]

Network software specialist

As a grad network software specialist at Telstra, a typical day for Brooke Jones involves working on cutting-edge technology.

Renewable energy researcher

Rong Deng’s hunch that renewable energy was going to be big has paid off and now as a researcher she’s built a career making solar sustainable When Rong Deng was in China considering her career options 10 years ago, renewable energy was only just starting to take off. Some were even saying it was a […]

Digital science migration engineer (AI)

Kiowa is a proud Dja dja Wurrung woman using her tech expertise to help Defence scientists

Battlespace communications specialist, Army Reserve

As a Battlespace Communications Specialist in the Army Reserve, Kelvin provides the communications link between command operations and soldiers on the ground

Systems integration specialist

Peter knew he wanted a career that involved creativity and problem solving
– and he found it in a cool robotics gig

Data scientist, DSTG

Katie wanted to become an aerospace engineer until she discovered her true passion – now she works as a data scientist at DSTG using cutting-edge tech like machine learning every day

Marine technician submariner, Navy

A Navy Gap Year introduced Andrew to the job of marine technician – and he hasn’t looked back

Marine engineer, Navy

When Lieutenant Loretta isn’t fighting for our country as a marine engineer, she’s volunteering to fight fire

Combat systems operator, Navy

Combat Systems Operator Monifah grew up on a remote Australian island and jumped into a Defence role to break out of her comfort zone

Research scientist and engineer, DSTG

Jaslyn always loved space and tech, even though STEM subjects weren’t her strongest at school. Now? She’s on her way to becoming a space researcher

Trainee aviation engineer

Catherine’s love of sound and lighting in school musicals and theatre productions sparked her interest in becoming an engineer.

Air surveillance officer

First Nations Air Force Surveillance Operator Chris started out as a personal trainer, but now flexes his skills mid-air, protecting our skies

Defence engineer, Air Force

Flight Lieutenant Sarah uses her STEM skills every day to work out how tech can help Defence Sarah never saw herself working in Defence, despite her dad being in the Air Force, but realised it could offer the variety she wanted in a career: “I wanted the ability to work with different technologies in different […]

Aircraft structural technician

Aircraft structural technician Trung always dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but he ended up scoring a Defence gig a little closer to Earth

Electronic technician, Navy

Grace wanted a hands-on career, and she’s found it in her role as a Navy electronic technician

Trade training troop commander

A love of engineering led Charlie, captain and trade training troop commander, to a STEM gig with Defence where he skills up the Army’s newest tradespeople

Executive officer, Navy

As the Executive Officer on HMAS Huon, Lieutenant Rachael empowers teams to bring the force to fight and win at sea

Airborne electronic analyst

Growing up in Australia after fleeing war as a child motivated Mathan, corporal and airborne electonic analyst, to join Defence

Data scientist, KPMG

Nguyễn Ngọc Hải spills the beans on what it’s like to work in finance at one of the big four accounting firms

Data scientist

Finding insights in data to bring clarity and inform decisions is all in a day’s work for Asli Yoruk

Senior research engineer

Jeremy Stoddard is mad about maths and music This makes his job at Dolby as a senior research engineer the perfect fit! Jeremy’s favourite subjects at school were maths and physics, so he studied engineering at uni. He followed that up with a PhD that involved making mathematical models to help understand complex systems. Jeremy […]

Economist, RBA

Faye Wang is helping predict Australia’s economic future through a climate lens Faye sees climate change as the number one issue impacting our generation, and it’s part of her job at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to try to work out how climate change might impact our economy. “At the RBA, I’m part of […]


In her business teaching digital skills and using augmented reality to tell stories of Indigenous cultural areas in 3D, entrepreneur Mikaela Jade uses maths and data every day But she wasn’t always a fan. “At school I didn’t like maths,” she says. “I failed maths multiple times at university.” Mikaela persevered and says things turned […]

Operations manager

Jessica Pritchard has a lot to juggle in her senior operations job at Transport for NSW, but she says it’s her grounding in maths and logic that gets her through the toughest days When she started out though, deciding her next step after finishing school in Newcastle was tough.  “I was a bit lost as […]


Working in weather proved to be the perfect path for meteorologist Corine Brown, who uses maths and data every single day Corine has always loved science, but in high school her interests expanded to include music, art and drama too. “I wanted to be everything,” she says. “My teenage dreams boiled down to being an […]

Geospatial specialist

Angus struggled with maths in high school – but he kept at it and now gets paid to crunch numbers as a geospatial specialist at the ABS In high school, Angus and maths weren’t really compatible. “I struggled, but I’m so glad I stuck with it,” he says. “I ventured into statistics during the ecology […]

Technology graduate, CBA

Technology graduate Bilal Takach uses code to automate manual tasks for Commonwealth Bank, saving teams hours of time each month

Senior analyst

Fusun Yu, a senior analyst at Commonwealth Bank, uses data and analytics skills to help customers affected by natural disasters

Data scientist

Data scientist Kanu Agarwal caught the data bug at uni and has never looked back

Metal fabricator

Lachlan Butler credits high school maths with setting him up for a successful trade career

Electrical engineer

Joshua Yi likes machine learning and working with his hands, which makes his job working with ANSTO’s state-of-the-art facilities and tools the perfect fit!

PhD candidate

Using data from a robot on Mars to teach geology through virtual reality in the outback… that’s all in a day’s work for QUT PhD candidate Cael Gallagher

Silicon irradiations engineer

Raya Tasnim studied both science and engineering at uni – now she’s landed her ‘dream job’ at ANSTO, combining all her STEM skills

AI consultant

There’s caring behind the code for Microsoft AI consultant Georgina Siggins

Marine archaeologist

Marine archaeologist Dr Maddy McAllister combines her love of the ocean with archaeology to bring shipwrecks to the surface and into the digital realm.

Environment superintendent, Fortescue Metals Group

Scott Hazelden uses his qualifications in environmental management to make sure Aussie iron ore producer Fortescue Metals sticks to its eco-obligations

Space Discovery Centre manager

A combined passion for archaeology and space led Brenan Dew to a career that’s out of this world

Research genetic counsellor

Passion and personal circumstances led Aasta Kelly to not one but two dream jobs in genetic counselling

Technical lead

Playing video games as a kid opened the gateway to the world of information technology for Olesia Kochergina, Harvest Technology Group’s Technical Lead – Applications

Scientific director

Bettina Berger’s love of nature sowed the
seeds for a successful career in research
and science leadership

Software engineer

An Australian school-based apprenticeship kickstarted James Schifferle’s STEM career

Technology graduate

A love of true-crime shows turned into a career in cyber security for former pro track cyclist Holly Takos

Digital product designer

Kartin Leung set out to be an architect – now she’s using her design skills in the digital world and hasn’t looked back

Technology graduate

Originally a self-taught “tech nerd”, Ben Sumners is loving his career in cyber security at Commonwealth Bank

Cyber security administrator

Emily Harmon’s career at hardware giant Bunnings has progressed from checkout to cyber security

PhD researcher

Morgan Windsor’s path is full of twists and turns and the skills he’s gained along the way have led to the exciting project he’s working on now

Cyber security consultant

We chatted to a cyber security consultant from EY to get a behind the scenes look at this study and career path.

Founder & CEO, NETFIT Netball

Sarah Wall – a winner of three National Netball Championships – is now scoring career goals with her digital company NETFIT Netball

AI researcher

New Zealand AI researcher Punahamoa ‘Puna’ Walker is building software that can speak to Indigenous communities in their language

Animal biologist

Forget what you thought you knew about animal biologists – these days, they’re all fluent in tech

Cyber technologist

Helping his parents navigate technology as a child sparked Thomas’s interest in tech

Cyber security consultant

Cyber security consultant Emily Major-Goldsmith loves the flexibility and diversity of working in the sector

Technology graduate

Victoria ‘Tori’ Birch loves art and communications, and she’s now helping keep Australia’s biggest bank safe from hackers as a cyber security graduate

Security engineer

After a difficult first year of her tech degree, Frances Lee stuck around and now has a successful career as a security engineer at Google

VR storyteller

Alejandro Davila uses virtual reality to tell stories and produced New Zealand’s first VR movie, The Green Fairy

Research fellow

Monash Uni research fellow Delvin Varghese designs tech to empower local communities

Marine biologist

Despite growing up miles from the coast, Brittany Williams developed a love for the ocean – and now she’s helping save baby oysters

Backend software engineer

For software engineer Abbey Van De Vorst, scoring a role at Canva has been the perfect way to kickstart her career

Associate system engineer

Chris Williamson’s VET study path won him a gold medal and landed him a cool tech job

Technology graduate

Jackson Tait wasn’t sure what career he wanted to pursue, only that he was all about innovation – and, for that, he’s now on the perfect path

Sergeant, fitter armament

Michael landed an awesome career as a fitter armament in the Army

Apprentice machinist

Robert’s career journey proves there’s more than one way to get into STEM

Quantum researcher

Being a quantum researcher with DSTG has given Ben job security while working on the science that he loves

Forensic scientist

Paige McElhinney uses STEM skills on the daily to help solve crimes!

Quantum tech researcher

For Nicole, being a quantum technologies researcher at DSTG is the best job in the world

Engineer and assistant director

Coming from an exciting and varied STEM career, Janna is now advising government on how to protect and boost Australia’s space capabilities

Squadron leader, staff officer & space physicist

As an officer in the Air Force, Melissa has flown missions all over the world. Now, she’s looking out to space


A fascination with the science behind optimising human capabilities led Rosa into a career as a military dietitian-nutritionist

Lieutenant commander/medical officer

Joining the Navy helped Alexandra realise her dream of becoming a doctor

Captain/nursing officer

Emily loves the opportunity to help people in need

Lieutenant commander, general and mental health nurse

Alexander is contributing to ensuring that, in peace and war, military personnel are always given the best health support possible

Health systems insight manager

Dr Shahd Al-Janabi started in psychology and then switched into an amazing career in Defence

Sergeant and electronic warfare operator

’CJ’ intercepts a range of enemy signals for the Australian Army

Cyber security researcher

Nicholas investigates how emerging tech can be used to stop cyber attacks on ADF systems

Cyber security specialist

The Defence Graduate Program led Ashleigh into an amazing cyber security gig with ASD

Corporal, fitter armament

Mark combined his mechanical skills with a lifelong passion for Defence and now maintains specialised weapons and machines for the army

Leading seaman, electronic technician submariner

Nicholas is an extreme engineer, maintaining, fixing and building hi-tech electronics for Australia’s naval submarines

Flight lieutenant & flight test engineer

A lifetime fascination with flight led Rosemary to an adventurous career in the Air Force

Aeronautical engineer

Discovering aerospace in Year 11 helped Air Force engineer Sarah launch a soaring career

Microengineering specialist

Coco uses her material science smarts to help develop incredible new tech for the ADF

Solar lead

We spoke to solar lead, Elnaz Hariri, who is using her engineering skills in solar energy.

Engineering manager

We spoke to engineering manager, Yuneska Harris, about what it’s like to work in solar energy and got her best advice for anyone who’d like to follow in her footsteps!

Water engineer

Erica Deegan is in charge of all things water at City of Launceston.

Graduate mechanical engineer

It took Sanduni Gamage a few tries before she landed in her dream graduate gig in WA’s water sector.


QUT graduate and Senior Research Fellow Dr Nicole White uses her background in maths and statistics to find meaning in healthcare data

Mathematician & senior lecturer

Kate is a mathematician and senior lecturer at QUT and is researching how different regulations might influence farmers’ decisions and ultimately change their behaviour.

Robotics expert

Robotics expert Michael Milford uses data to fuel machine learning technology

Bachelor of Data Science student

Think doing a data science degree from home is impossible? Think again! Emma Studerus is on the task

Biomedical science student

Annika Bounkeua pirouetted from ballet into STEM and is excited to see where her biomedical studies take her

Robotics field engineer

As part of the Wildcat team at CSIRO Data61, Amelia Luu is helping make robots more useful

Management consultant

Thomas Craddock works at major employer PwC, helping people in industry solve their problems

Diploma of eSports coordinator

Michael Trotter’s passion for eSports led him to achieve a number of Australian uni firsts – including creating the first official eSports qualification

Program manager for Boeing

Aerospace engineering took Linda Hapgood to the cutting edge of tech, working for Boeing in Australia and the US

Community creator

Mellini Sloan teaches students how to plan the cities and regions of the future

Graduate engineer

Hope Sneddon is kicking goals with her engineering skills, maths know-how and creative vision.

Product designer

Kelvin O’Shea’s days are all about being creative and solving problems. As a product designer for Microsoft, Kelvin O’shea’s challenge is to make it easy for people to create videos with Clipchamp, a video editing app. Yet when Kelvin started at QUT, he was a long way from his information systems major and was actually […]

Maths master

James Burnett has dedicated his career to helping make mathematics more meaningful, enjoyable and accessible to all

High school STEM teacher

Jessica Galpin is using her role as a high school maths and science teacher to encourage more women and girls to kickstart STEM pathways 

Digital communicator

Sophia Slancar mashes up STEM, communications and creativity in her cool gig as a social media and marketing officer.

STEM lawyer

Studying science and law has given Hannah Fas the edge working in intellectual property law.

Directors, Belnic Constructions 

After switching careers, Hayley Bell and Nicole Detsimas started their own specialist commercial fitout company. Hayley and Nicole are on a mission to build beautiful health and medical spaces. Since starting Belnic Constructions three years ago, they have designed and built dental clinics, research labs and even a veterinary hospital!  “I love what I do,” […]

Intern pharmacist

Zoe Robinson didn’t plan on becoming a pharmacist, but her passion for helping people sparked a career switch.


Glenda Caldwell looks at how we can integrate tech into architecture to create better living spaces

Environmental economist

Abbie Rogers puts a dollar value on the benefits of environmental conservation

Engineering & science student, QUT

Kate Watson is studying two degrees to build a career that will help combat climate change in Australia.

Medical imaging student

Her own diagnosis inspired Zoe Gibbs to want to become a radiographer and treat people as part of an allied health team.

Director, COX Architecture

Brooke Lloyd is using her STEM skills to create sustainable and people-centric interiors.

Arborist & horticulturist

Amanda Woodhams’ love of the outdoors took her career to new heights

Health reseacher & epidemiologist

The study of statistics provided Helen Ramsay with a gateway to an interesting career as public health researcher and epidemiologist


From high school teacher in Ghana to researcher and lecturer in Western Australia, Dr Eben Afrifa-Yamoah is passionate about making maths fun

Radiation therapist student

When she becomes a radiation therapist, Natalie Peck will use powerful X-ray beams to kill tumours and cancer cells in her patients.


Creativity is more important for building better cities and towns than you think. Just ask Zoe Eather

Systems controller

Figuring out how humans and machines work together is just one of the research topics Daniel Quevedo has explored in his 20 plus years in the biz

Senior lecturer and coordinator

Dr Rachel Hews is a former high school teacher and police officer, now she’s a legal expert passionate about equipping students at QUT’s School of Law with future-focussed skills.


Savita Sandhu overcame her own personal health challenges to graduate with a degree in nutrition and dietetics

Student structural & façade engineer

Lily Kenway is mixing engineering, architecture and a passion for sustainability to build her dream career.

Biomedical science undergrad

Gabrielle Booth loved the sound of biomedical science in high school, but worried about job prospects – until an awesome holiday program with QUT changed her mind

Quantum chemistry student

Claire Birch is doing honours in Quantum Computing for Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Sydney

Nursing & psychology student

Nursing and psychology student Dorcas Tuyishimere is hitting the ground running in the final year of her combined health science degrees at QUT.

Strength and conditioning coach

Former business student Jake Ward has taken his winning approach to a career that’s encompassed the Olympics and rugby team Queensland Reds

Health information manager

Health information manager Annabel Platt turned her clinical placement into a full-time career before she’d even completed her final uni assignments.

Carbon capture & storage analyst

Carbon Capture & Storage Analyst Jess Godfrey explores underground worlds to find ways to reduce carbon emissions. When Jess Godfrey was in high school, a career in geoscience was far from her mind. “I wasn’t exposed to the finer sciences – I didn’t even know geology existed!” she says. Fast forward to today, Jess works […]

Physiology student

Health sciences offers so many awesome study pathways. Shaymus Malone chose nutrition science, but is now switching to physiology

Security consultant

Security consultant and telecommunications engineer Dr Jordan Plotnek is tackling the problem of making sure space hardware can survive serious cyber attacks

Scientific designer & illustrator

Mariana Oksdath Mansilla is equal parts creative and scientific, combining both her strengths to create a one-of-a-kind job

Research scientist

Louise Schoneveld shoots rocks with lasers to find new reserves of critical minerals. Yes, you read that right! An inspiring Earth science teacher at high school sparked a lifelong passion for geology in Louise Schoneveld. A pull to wanting to understand our Earth propelled her through a geology degree and geochemistry PhD. It took her […]

Farmer, scientist & writer

Dr Anika Molesworth’s devotion to the Aussie land meant science was a no-brainer when it came to careers

Physiotherapy student

Christian de Cos is using health science to score goals for Indigenous communities

Senior radiochemist

Ever been to the hospital for a nuclear medicine scan or therapy? Many of the materials we need to do these critical tests are made right here in Australia

Planetary scientist

Professor Phil Bland got switched on to spaceflight as a child and is now the director of a space and planetary science research centre.

PhD student

The Little Mermaid inspired Vanessa Zepeda to study marine biology, now she’s searching for life beyond

Beamline scientist

Beamline scientist Dr Santosh Panjikar to assist COVID-19 research at the Australian Synchrotron

Allied health assistance grad

Jennifer Myers dreams of becoming an occupational therapist, even if it means taking an unconventional path to get there

Marine scientist

We chat to Dr Kathryn McMahon about her study and career path. Plus her tips for the scientists of the future

Ecologist and CEO

Deakin University graduate James Hattam started his career as an ecologist, but later found his calling connecting people with conservation as CEO of the Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Software developer

Junior developer, Women in Tech president and VUW student Aleisha Amohia is breaking down barriers for young women studying engineering.

Sustainability consultant

Angela Begg spent her uni years learning how to engineer renewable energy, until a LinkedIn DM landed her a job for real In high school maths and physics were Angela’s thing, which made choosing to study photovoltaic (PV) engineering a unique, but obvious fit – particularly considering how eco-conscious she already was. “I was really […]

Water engineer

Danika Smith turned her love of STEM and passion for the environment into a fulfilling career focussed on water infrastructure Danika was always interested in science at school, and particularly in the environment and mitigating climate change. But engineering didn’t enter her radar as a career option until she was in Year 12 and really […]

Agritech product manager

Mixing agriculture with STEM has set Simone Barakat up with an awesome career in agritech!

ANSTO Graduate

Raya Tasnim studied Bachelor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and Bachelor of Materials Science at the University of New South Wales and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

ANSTO Graduate

Alex Boyd studied a Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science & Health at the University of Wollongong and is now a Graduate at ANSTO.

ANSTO Graduate

Krystal Sharan studied Masters of Business (HR Management) & Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science (Majoring in HR Management & Psychology) at the University of Wollongong and is now a Graduate at ANSTO.

ANSTO Graduate

Conor Gould studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) at Griffith University and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

ANSTO Graduate

Ever wondered what a grad gig in nuclear science involves? ANSTO graduate Keita Richardson walks us through his day on the job 

Health inventor

Dr Alison Todd has built a distinguished STEM career and international health science business based on passion and curiosity

Graduate Environmental Scientist 

Into environmental science but other stuff too? A double degree could equip you with some pretty well-rounded skills


Always dreamt of working outside? There’s a planet full of roles in conservation! Office, optional

Freelance Artist and Scientist

Dr James O’Hanlon is equal parts creative and scientific – combining both his strengths to create a one-of-a-kind career

Data scientist

Oliver turned an internship at an AI and machine learning business into a full-time data science gig!

Cyber Security Governance, Awareness & Communications Officer

Good communication skills are all you need in cyber security awareness, says Chrissie Sorgini.

Co-founder and CEO

Despite having a law degree Evan Wong isn’t a lawyer. He’s a self-confessed techprenuer

Product Lead and Founder

Tech entrepreneur Matt Leete combined engineering and design to create a tool for gamers living with impaired speech

Game Developer

Niamh Fitzgerald’s job as a game developer combines her love of art and technology

Client Onboarding Manager

Divya Sharma is the Client Onboarding Manager for Faethm AI – an artificial intelligence platform that provides data on the impact of automation.

Artist and tech researcher

Nina Rajcic is using art to investigate human-computer relationships for her PhD at Monash University’s Faculty of IT

Dancing cyber criminologist

By day, Kelsy Luengen fights cybercrime. By night, she’s a sequinned superstar of salsa

Cyber Security Consultant

It’s Sophie Kaelin’s job to ethically hack into web apps and devices to uncover vulnerabilities

Junior Developer

Jennifer Halvorsen’s software skills are helping businesses improve health and environment programs

President of Women in Tech

Kimberly Valenny is empowering the next gen of women in tech to chase goals and smash stereotypes

IT/Arts Undergraduate

IT and Arts undergraduate Lalitha Polamraju is passionate about increasing diversity in technology and STEM

App Developer/Computer Science Undergrad

Joseph is combining his love of technology with his passion for making the world a better place

Computer scientist

Jon Whittle, director of CSIRO’s Data61, says technology is changing how we do traditional science, and digital skills will be crucial

Cyber Security Lecturer

With qualifications in psychology and commerce, Jennifer Medbury’s career in intelligence and security has included roles with defence and the police force, now she teaches the next generation at ECU. Jennifer Medbury’s first foray into STEM came out of her lifelong interest in how people tick. She studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology, […]

Network Design Operative

For Kirsty Penney, a telecommunications traineeship opened the door to a rewarding career connecting Australians with high speed mobile coverage.

Client Insights Manager

Liani works as a Client Insights Manager for Faethm AI – an artificial intelligence platform that provides data on the impact of automation.

CEO & Co-Founder, Civic Ledger

From sociologist to entrepreneur, Katrina Donaghy, CEO and co-founder of Australian blockchain company Civic Ledger, has had a diverse career.

Pavement Engineer

Inspired by Italy’s ancient infrastructure, Veronica is using her engineering skills to help people and communities across Australia Veronica Corinaldi says she was always interested in the amazing and often ancient built environment of her home country, Italy. “The incredible infrastructure that has been built hundreds (or thousands in some cases!) of years ago and […]

Service Desk Analyst

Ex-store manager Leah Grant-Moore is kicking goals in retail 2.0

Validation specialist, CSL

As a validation specialist at the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) company Seqirus, Helen Tower is helping the Australian pharmaceutical industry cement its ability to locally manufacture life-saving vaccines.


Bonnie works as a fully qualified electrician with the Fixed Plant Maintenance team at Mount Isa Mines

Senior Cyber Innovation Engineer

Daniel Lekic is part of Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CBA) cyber team, one of the largest cyber teams in the southern hemisphere

Cyber Security Graduate

Software engineer Christine Vinaviles has gone from tinkering and typing at her mum’s work, to keeping banking staff and customers safe from cyber attacks

Graduate Cyber Security Test Engineer

Ahnaf Rahman is a football and car enthusiast who prefers YouTube to textbooks, and he helps keep Australia’s biggest bank cyber safe

Third Party Cyber Incident Responder

Matt Schilg’s studies took a sideways step into the growing field of cyber security

Associate Engineer

Jackson Zheng uses his tech skills to provide support, innovation and ground-breaking insights to Australia’s biggest bank

Enterprise Services Graduate

A lifelong passion for tech landed Ruhi Pelia a dream gig in Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CBA) Enterprise Services

Diesel Mechanic Apprentice

Lucas  works at Huon Aquaculture’s salmon farm, fixing boat engines and robotic equipment that cleans the nets underwater.

QUT PhD Candidate

Elaiza Luker is researching the structural integrity of materials used in concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.

Engineering Support Workshop Manager

ANSTO’s Engineering Support Workshop Manager Bianca Shepherd oversees the manufacturing of parts for Australia’s only nuclear reactor

Mechanical Engineer

Engineers play a huge role in creating new and improved materials for everything from sports to the green economy In high school, Michael Williams always thought about maths and physics concepts in relation to his mad love for BMX bike racing. Now, his passion has led to one of Australia’s only niche specialist manufacturing businesses […]

Materials and Processes Research Officer

Hans Lohr is upcycling factory robots to 3D-print metal parts in a cheaper way

Site Reliability Engineer

As a site reliability engineer, it’s Jennifer Cheng’s job to make sure Google Photos runs smoothly

User Experience Designer

Internships and mentors helped Sophie Gardner demystify computer design 

Security Engineer

Improving Google’s security and threat detection is all in a day’s work for Harrison Mbugi

Software Engineer

As a tech grad fluent in code, Courtney Hoskin spends 9-to-5 developing apps that change people’s lives

Customer Engineer

Marina Deletic’s journey into STEM includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), baking and a whole lot of engineering

Mechatronic Engineer

Undergraduate mechatronic engineer Joseph Modolo is using his software and robotics skills to give macadamia farmers the technology to accurately count and map their crops

High School STEM Teacher

Indianna combined her passion for sport with science and now shares this with the next generation of global leaders as a secondary school teacher

Mechatronics Engineering Student

ECU student Oliver Shaw hopes his final-year project – helping build Jaguar UGV, an off-road robotic vehicle on tank treads – will assist miners, farmers and others working the rugged terrain of Western Australia

Mechatronics Engineering Student

Mechatronics student Scott Cashman took the long route, but eventually found his calling in robotics at ECU

Chemical engineering student

Chemical engineering undergrad Lucy Penna is using a biofuel by-product to make sustainable, nutritious vegan food

Director, Women in Engineering and IT Program, UTS

Eva is passionate about increasing women’s participation in engineering and tech and oversees programs like Lucy Mentoring.

Junior Mining Engineer

Inspired by jewellery making, Josephine pursued a career in mining – and she’s having a blast.

Solar cell researcher

Helping the environment was always something Professor Kylie Catchpole of the Australian National University (ANU) wanted to do. After completing a graduate degree majoring in physics, she found her way into solar energy. “It was a perfect fit for me,” she says. Kylie, who also has a PhD in engineering from ANU, is currently working […]


Amy MacIntosh is an ecotoxicologist researching the impacts of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) from deep-sea oil and gas pipelines on Australian marine animals. As a child, Amy was (as she describes) “that curious, odd little girl always catching insects and keeping them as pets.” She lived with all kinds of animals (from goldfish to […]

Automation and Technology Engineer

Braden Hellmuth invested in his education for over a decade, building his skills and qualifications and growing a successful career in agriculture

Aerospace Engineer

Dr Anastasia Volkova is helping farmers produce crops that don’t cost the Earth

Product Manager

Rachel Lin is a Product Manager for new products at Atlassian! She walks us through her exciting STEM journey that landed her this dream gig.

Snake expert

Hanging out with highly venomous snakes is all in a days work for Dr Christina N. Zdenek 

Environmental scientist & science communicator

Arjumand Banu Khan is an environmental scientist and science communicator passionate about helping young people appreciate the wonders of STEM.

Perils pricing manager

As a perils pricing manager for IAG (Australia and New Zealand’s largest general insurer), Philip Conway quantifies the impact of natural disasters and climate change. Below, he shares his STEM journey with us. From a young age, Philip was interested in STEM and was always trying to engineer contraptions (with mixed results – he lost […]

Flood analyst

Michaela Dolk currently works in IAG’s Natural Perils team. As a flood analyst, she specialises in flood risk, but also works on other perils, including earthquakes and cyclones. So what does a flood analyst do day-to-day? Well, Michaela’s role involves analysis and modelling to support insurance pricing and reinsurance decisions for Australia and New Zealand. […]

Co-founder, Humanitix

Josh Ross is using his background in finance to help those in need access education

Software Engineer

Alex Morgan works as a software engineer at cool tech company, Atlassian, and shares his STEM story with us!

Data consultant

Sophia Frentz is on a mission to bring awareness to the data industry


Nalini Joshi is all about driving change in maths and striving for equality

Actuarial consultant

Xueying (Sylvia) Wang shares what the day-to-day of being an actuarial consultant at IAG is like, plus what her own journey into STEM involved.

Product designer

Pat Hwang combined his love of tech and his passion for design and is a now a product designer at Atlassian!

Epidemic Modeller

Arming herself with numeracy knowledge is Mingmei’s key to career success in defence and security

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Right now there’s a shortage of cyber security workers, which increases the risk of us getting hit by a cyber attack.

Character Rigger

As a Character Rigger, Cara Gately creates the moving skeletons behind three-dimensional animations.

Student, Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering

Saverio Vasapollo moved from Sydney to Adelaide to combine an Associate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering through TAFE SA with his work as a structural draftsman at Robert Bird Group.

Professor of mathematical biology

Thinking of a career in health? Start by honing your maths skills

Data scientist

Cathy Yuen Yi Lee has applied her statistical expertise to roles in public health all over the world

Data scientist

Adam Benari uses data science to improve disability support services.

High school student

Raina Jain from Penrith Selective High School in Sydney tells us why maths will back up her future career plans

Senior Economist

Johnathan McMenamin is a macroeconomist at Ernst & Young and works on exciting projects that help monitor, analyse, and present on the Australian economy, its labour market and government policy. 

Corporate communications manager

Kiera Flynn’s background in biomedicine helped her land a role in communications at L’Oreal

Liverpool councillor | Community engagement officer

A mental health professional, community service expert and budding politician, Charishma Kaliyanda faced various inaccurate stereotypes in her career so far. She continues to challenge the status quo and is keen to help people to make better decisions about their health and well-being. 

PhD student

Scarlet Kong PhD student is harnessing shape-changing materials to send soundwaves through the deep.

Research assistant

Chemistry Honours graduate Declan Burke is helping turn natural gas and iron ore into clean hydrogen and graphite.

Director of Pūhoro STEM Academy

Naomi Manu established the Pūhoro STEM Academy at Massey University, which works to improve Māori participation and success in STEM.

Self-taught coder

Nine-year-old Jarom Hauwai-Sauer is a self-taught coder who is using his tech skills for good!

Digital knowledge keeper

Lesley Woodhouse is a Darug woman bringing Indigenous culture to the world.

Co-founder and director of NGNY, Indigitek & IndigiGig

Liam Ridgeway shares how he combines STEM with entrepreneurship to connect communities.

Product technologist

Bonny Rawson is a proud Ballardong Noongar woman, who discovered a new world of food via an airline corporate gig.

Entomologist & food scientist

Entomologist and food scientist Skye Blackburn launched her own startup to get bugs on our plates. “I tried crickets, grasshoppers and bamboo worms in Thailand. They were tasty, although the worms were oily and a bit too spicy for me!” recalls Skye Blackburn of her first taste of bugs. When she got back from her […]

Indigenous social ecological researcher

Cass Hunter is an Indigenous social ecological researcher with the Coasts program in CSIRO, Cairns.

TV presenter & conservationist

Ben combines his zoological background with excellent communication skills as a TV presenter and conservationist.

Chippy chick

Melbourne Chippy Chick, Stef Apostolidis, mixes maths and entrepreneurial skills with building site management

Kamilaroi water scientist

Kamilaroi water scientist, Bradley Moggridge, shares his STEM study and career path with us below… Yaama, I am a proud Murri from the Kamilaroi Nation (North-West NSW), now living in Canberra on Ngunnawal Country. My cultural water (gali in Kamilaroi) place is Boobera Lagoon. As a scientist, my expertise is in Kamilaroi and Indigenous cultural […]

Ecologist / Lecturer

Ecologist and lecturer, Dr Thomas Newsome, is investigating how humans and animals shape ecosystems.

Australia’s Chief Scientist 2021-24

From becoming a renowned physicist to now being Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley AO has had an exciting yet challenging journey through her career in STEM.


Engineer turned astrobiologist James Bevington’s STEM career is out of this world.

Social entrepreneur

Adele likes to blend Māori concepts and language with technology, as this is a way to keep her culture and people alive and growing.

Entomologist & science communicator

Spiny or fuzzy, Shasta Henry is passionate about sharing insects with the world.

Professional Engineer of the Year

A mother’s wisdom: Engineering can make your dreams a reality As a child, Dr Helen Cartledge was told by her mother “engineering can make your dreams a reality”. Now she shares her career, advice and mother’s wisdom with other young science enthusiasts. Helen grew up in a remote mountain village in southern Siberia. She walked […]

Instrument scientist

Instrument scientist Dr Helen Maynard-Casely’s obsession with icy moons has led to a fascinating career.

Industrial designer

Industrial designer, innovator and entrepreneur ShanShan Wang is tackling some mega health science problems.

ANSTO scientist

Failing first-year chemistry didn’t stop Dr Eleanor Campbell from landing her dream job at ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron.

Food research scientist

Food research scientist, Michelle Colgrave, is tackling one of our biggest challenges: making sure we have enough food to go around.


University of Adelaide graduate Hannah Passmore saves lives for a living – as a veterinarian at an animal emergency centre in Adelaide.

Planetary scientist

QUT planetary scientist Dr David Flannery is living his dream career – helping NASA on a Mars rover mission


Immunologist Rebecca Abbott is on a mission to find treatments and cures for brain cancer.

Senior Scientist & Science Communicator

Microbiology scientist turned science communicator at Microba, Dr Alena Pribyl shares with us her journey and career tips. When it comes to careers, millennials go through a number of job changes as they transition from more traditionally viable occupations to discovering their field of choice. Alena experienced something similar, she found it challenging pursuing a […]

Biomedical scientist studying gluten & celiac disease

Scientist Dr Richard Charlesworth has been working for a decade to find answers to some of the questions related to gluten-free diets and celiac disease.

Deputy Center Director for Technology and Research Investments

NASA Director of Technology and Research at Goddard Space Flight Centre, Christyl Johnson has always aimed high.

Deputy Program Scientist, Mars 2020 Mission

Are we alone in the universe? Adrian Brown is studying rocks on Mars in the hope of helping us find out. A former Australian Navy officer and weapons engineer, Adrian is now deputy program scientist for NASA’s Mars 2020 mission – which has a spaceship containing the robotic explorer Perseverance currently hurtling towards the Red Planet at 50,000 kilometres per hour, scheduled to land on 18 February 2021.

Host of Netflix’s Emily’s Wonder Lab

Emily Calandrelli, STEM TV star aka @thespacegal, is a former MIT engineer turned science communicator

Growth Detector

From mussels to dolphins, Bing Xue uses her coding skills to conserve the planet, one species at a time.  For Bing, computer science is so much more than working with numbers and code on a screen. Instead, it’s a powerful way to make a difference. “The thing I enjoy most is solving real-world problems,” says Bing. […]


José Lahoz-Monfort was trained as an engineer, but his heart was always in conservation. Now, he uses his tech skills to make it easier to spot wildlife.

Environmental scientist

Entrepreneur, environmental scientist and Cabrogal woman Mikaela Jade is empowering people to tell their stories using technology.

Structural engineer

Breanna wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after high school – until a family trip to the United States when she was 17 sparked her interest in buildings and structures.

Robotics engineer

Passionate about helping people, Mahonri Owen is drawing on both STEM skills and Māori knowledge to develop a brain-controlled prosthetic hand. 

Cardiologist and digital health expert

Cardiologist and digital health expert Dr Clara Chow is using smart technology to keep patients heart-healthy.

Computer scientist

Katia Vega is a fashion-forward US-based computer scientist who creates computers you wear.

Industrial design engineer

In high school, Barbara Van De Sande’s teacher told her she’d never be good enough for medical engineering. It ignited a fire in her. 

Shark biologist

Julianna Kadar grew up with a passion for the ocean that led to shark tagging trips and now a voyage to Antarctica.

Digital solutions graduate engineer

Chef-turned-tech-whizz Vikram, is bringing a unique flavour to AVEVA’s graduate program.

Software engineer

AUT computer science grad Calli Bates is working at the cutting edge of high-tech fashion Online shopping has brought with it a lot of positives – namely saving time, money and effort. But as any regular online clothes shopper knows, getting the right fit without walking into a real store to try something on can […]

Chaos engineer and Girl Geek Academy co-founder

Chaos engineer and Girl Geek Academy co-founder Tammy Butow has used her double degree in IT and education to build an inspiring career

Graduate software engineer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)

Mark Varney is a graduate software engineer at CBA, who spends his working day writing the code that helps us bank online. 

Pen tester

The University of Adelaide has provided Drashti Patel with the cyber security tools she will need to succeed in the space industry

Cyber security student

When Evangeline Endacott scored the second top marks in her rural high school she defied expectations to follow her passion.

Pen tester

Discover what work looks like for an ‘ethical hacker’ at Australia’s biggest bank.

Digital forensics expert

Shanis Lovin traces the footprints left by cyber criminals – but there’s more to her job than coding and tech.

UX designer

Peter Finlan is passionate about technology and is a lead UX Designer at Google – but his career path might surprise you.

Software engineer

Software engineer Levina Wong has overcome imposter syndrome to kickstart a career she’s super proud of.

Software engineer

Clinton Hadinata wasn’t sure what he wanted to do after high school – and that’s led to a rewarding and fascinating career. 

Environmental advisor

Michelle Sexton is an Environmental Advisor and outdoor drone pilot.

Civil and environmental engineer

An engineer with a knack for coding, Claire Chaikin-Bryan is using her STEM skills to make communities more liveable.

Biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineer Mary Poniard is making sure 2000 new ventilators for Australian intensive care wards are ready to care for COVID-19 patients.

Industrial engineer

Industrial engineer Mat Bowtell is using his engineering skills to help others.

Systems and humanitarian engineer

Huy Nguyen is using his skills and qualifications to improve lives and wellbeing. 

Undergraduate engineer

Cody Coleman grew up in Perth and identifies as Wadjak-Pinjarra. A curtin University engineering student, he works summers as a chemical engineer at energy company Chevron. How did you get into engineering? “One of my teachers received an email about the Indigenous Australian Engineering School (IAES). She thought it was a great opportunity and would […]

Electrical engineer

Music first sparked Mark Henaway’s interest in engineering, and led to a successful, diverse career.

Space mining expert

Nima Sherpa took a leap and moved from the US to Australia, where her career in the resources industry took off. Now she’s set her sights out of this world.

Communications engineer

Associate Professor Iftekhar Ahmad is a communications engineer researching how to connect the cities of the future – without costing the Earth.

Civil engineer

Civil and construction engineer Genevieve De Michele loves seeing her work in the real world everyday. 

Undergraduate engineer

Engineering student Claire Morphett has combined her two passions – engineering and medicine – to create her own epic pathway.


Australian National University (ANU) grad Sunny Forsyth is CEO of Abundant Water, a social enterprise that helps remote communities access clean drinking water.

Software engineer

Software engineer Emillie Thiselton is only at the start of her career, but it’s already taking off.

Software engineer

Software engineer Preetpal Dhillon’s study and career path has taken twists and turns as he’s followed his passions. 

Software engineer

Anthony Baxter works on Google’s Crisis Response team.

Internet anthropologist

Ashley Chang’s skills in maths and data analytics and his nose for cultural trends is the perfect fit at YouTube.

Director of Astronomy and Space Science, CSIRO

In her current role at the CSIRO, Sarah leads the national science agency’s space program.

Senior Researcher, CFA

CFA researcher Rachel Bessell crunches numbers to predict where and when bushfires will impact.

Extreme weather expert

Adam Morgan has been interested in weather for as long as he can remember – and now he’s turned it into a career.

Sports Data Analyst

Cara Grzeskowiak is a data analyst and champion rower helping athletes improve their performance.

Economics Researcher

Economics researcher Calvin He helps the RBA answer big questions about the economy.

Principal Data Scientist

Hospitals are employing experts like Jane Shrapnel to help them save lives by digging into the data. 

Quantitative Analyst

Businesses are looking for maths experts like Avalon Martinkus to help them assess the risk of climate change.

Mathematics Professor

Maths just clicked for one girl in rural Thailand. Now Natalie Thamwattana is a world-leading researcher in nanotech.

Maths undergraduate

Realising that she could study just maths has opened up a world of possibilities for Isabelle Greco.

Software QA Engineer

Chrisnel Taglao is a software engineer working on cool new tech to help streamline our wallets.

Optimisation officer

Not all maths grads become maths teachers! Jenice is using her skills to digitally transform one of the Philippines’ biggest banks. The world is changing fast, and that includes how we do banking – which means banks need STEM graduates with tech skills to help them drive the change. One such STEM graduate is Jenice […]

Maintenance Supervisor and Diversity Pathways Project Lead

Donna Stace is the Maintenance Supervisor and Diversity Pathways Project Lead at Rio Tinto, and is proof that you don’t have to go to university to kickstart an awesome career in STEM.

Technical Architect, Microsoft

Yvette has been into tech and computers as long as she can remember. When she was five years old, she recalls her older brother taking an IT course. “I would meddle with an old Windows 95 PC with him – and often times break it!” she says. “As I reached high school, I learned how […]

University of Newcastle student ambassador

Cheena is studying a Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Newcastle while helping future students decide on which path is right for them. 

Laboratory Operations Manager

Nicola is the Laboratory Operations Manager for Brisbane-based Microba’s production laboratory and NATA accredited clinical test.

Data scientist

Philippines-based Reina leads a team of data scientists and engineers to develop analytics solutions for businesses.


Bioinformatician Areej Alsheikh has always been interested in logic and analytical thinking, which led her down the career path of biology and microbial genomics

Materials engineer

Filipina engineer Laura Clemente talks about her work, her challenges and her words of advice The child of two engineering parents, Laura remembers seeing a brand-new scanning electron microscope at her mum’s work when she was just 10 years old and being totally in awe. “We were looking at an ant at 2000X magnification, and […]

Bug bounty hunter

Allan Jay (AJ) Dumanhug is a cybersecurity professional by day and bug bounty hunter by night.

Forensic scientist

Kari’s knowledge in glass, gunshot residue, paints, arson accelerants, soils and minerals makes her one of the most experienced forensic scientists in the WA ChemCentre physical evidence lab.

Environmental scientist

Professor Bill Leggat is on a mission to understand – and reverse – damage to coral reefs

Human sciences analyst, DST

Katie Tooley is researching how good bacteria in the gut can improve cognition for our defence force.

Marine geoscientist

Uncovering the mysteries at the bottom of the ocean is all in a day’s work for marine geoscientist Mardi McNeil

Forensic scientist

People in crime shows can just look at a body and tell the time of death, but for real life forensic scientists it’s not so easy…

IT Support, MOQdigital

Not every STEM career needs to start with a degree – Eliza Greenwood got her first qualification while she was still in high school

Learning innovation specialist, Te Papa

 As the Learning Innovation Specialist at Te Papa, Jessie works with schools to empower educators when delivering the digital technologies curriculum.

Head of Experience Design and Content, Te Papa

Apart from creating cool exhibitions, Te Papa’s Head of Experience Design and Content, Frith Williams, is an advocate for the A in STEAM. 

Shipbuilding expert

Kay Myers is currently working for Serco as the construction and commissioning manager on Australia’s new icebreaker vessel.

Cybersecurity researcher

As a cybersecurity researcher at Defence Science and Technology (DST), Amy uses data to protect the country.

Accredited dietician

Ever picked the brain of a nutrition scientist? Here’s 9 things you need to know about accredited dietician Tim Cassettari.

Heatwave Expert

Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick is one scientist you won’t find in a lab. Instead, Sarah uses climate models to study heatwaves at the Climate Change Research Centre at UNSW.

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Dr Elizabeth Thomas is researching genetic markers associated with cognitive impairment across the schizophrenia spectrum. 

PhD candidate, Geocoastal research group

University of Sydney PhD candidate Madhavi Patterson is researching the evolution of the Great Barrier Reef.

Developer, space tech start-up

Ben Tran is a front-end developer at satellite tech startup, Myriota.

Structural biologist

Dr Glukhova is investigating the molecular behaviour that’s responsible for causing disease, such as cancer.

Paediatrician and postdoctoral research fellow

L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science fellow, Dr Valerie Sung, is using her STEM smarts to improve the lives of children with congenital hearing loss.  

Robotic mobility engineer, NASA

Will Reid wants to send robots to the moons of Saturn.

Nutritional biologist

Samantha works as a nutritional biologist, investigating maternal nutrition and its intergenerational influence on obesity and metabolic disorders.