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Find your STEM career with our most popular quizzes of 2023

Popular quizzes

Everyone loves a quiz! Here are your favourites from the year just past

Thanks for taking our popular quizzes in 2023! It looks like they’ve been helping students work out their science and engineering pathways, how they can mix business with STEM and if computer science is the right way to go. Work your way through them to see what results YOU get. Want more quizzes? Just head on over to the Careers with STEM quiz hub.

1. Are you a future entrepreneur?

If you’re considering a STEM + business pathway after school, you should take this quiz!

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2. What’s your science career?

Being a scientist isn’t just about working in a lab. Find out what exciting area of science is for you…

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3. Which area of science should I study?

So many budding scientists take our quizzes! Narrow down your specialisation with this fun quiz.

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4. Should I study computer science?

The world needs more people with tech, coding and computer science skills. See if this area of the ‘T’ in STEM is for you.

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5. Which area of engineering should you study?

Oh hey there, future engineers! We see you thinking about your major. This quiz will help you make that decision.

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Careers with STEM quizzes

Did you know we have over 100 quizzes on our website? We’ve designed them all to help you think about what to study after school and what STEM careers are on offer that’ll link up with your passions, hobbies and interests. To get you started, we recommend trying our ‘What is your STEM + X?’ quiz.

To view all of our awesome quizzes, click here.

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