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Careers with STEM: Defence 2023


Careers with STEM: Defence is a careers resource for high school students, all about the exciting and diverse study and career pathways in defence. Meet real-life role models, and discover how you can combine your hobbies, interests and passions with defence to carve your perfect career path.


Find your dream career in Defence with our secret formula: Defence + X, where X equals your interest, another field or a life-changing goal. Think Defence + cyber security = cyber warfare operator; Defence + robots = army mechatronic and electrical engineer; or Defence + space = satellite engineer. And at the core of these careers? Some serious STEM skills, of course!

Defence includes a huge range of jobs in the Australian Public Service, as well as in the Australian Defence Force, made up of Navy, Army and Air Force. You’ll get to work on really important projects and learn a lot of new things, plus build teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills that will be useful in any job you do. And there are unique jobs you can do working in STEM and Defence that you won’t find anywhere else!

 Careers with STEM: Defence 2023 is filled with real-world career profiles bound to inspire, as well as practical tips and advice from Defence personnel in a range of exciting fields. We explore 7 ‘X’ areas of interest in this special 2023 edition: Space, Maritime, Quantum, Cyber Security, Food & Agriculture, Apprenticeships and Robotics & AI.

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