Monday, August 2, 2021
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Careers with STEM: Engineering 2021


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Features an 8-page flip-edition on apprenticeships and traineeships!

As the world recovers from COVID, engineers are – literally –  rebuilding the economy. From protecting the built environment from health and climate risks, to optimising production of food and agriculture, and creating new products and services that future-proof us against the automation economy, engineers are at the forefront of economic recovery. 

In the latest edition of Careers with STEM: Engineering, discover the fastest-growing engineering jobs, meet real-life engineers and engineering teams, and discover how to build an engineering career in fields as diverse as agriculture, health, robotics and advanced manufacturing.


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How engineers are solving the world’s biggest problems

From infrastructure to recycling, energy to sustainability, engineers are at the core of solving all the problems of tomorrow and the world knows it

How to think like an engineer

Engineers are the innovators in the workplace, introducing new ideas and products

Video: What is engineering?

Engineering is awesome! Here's a fun intro to the super popular 'E' in STEM.