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Careers with STEM: Engineering 2022


This amazing resource is filled with real-world career profiles bound to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals, as well as practical tips and advice from engineers in a range of exciting fields. Explore study pathways, how engineers are crucial in the race against climate change and crisis recovery, and discover recent engineering innovations in medicine, transport, energy, water, waste and more. Flip the magazine over for a special section all about in quantum science and technology.


At its core, engineering is about using maths and science to solve problems. From buildings to apps, engineers design and build efficient solutions that we use in our everyday lives and beyond.

With the world currently facing multiple crises – climate change, natural disasters, war, a pandemic and food insecurity – people with engineering skills are in high demand. In Australia alone, more than 80% of engineering graduates land full-time jobs within four months of graduation.

Opportunities in engineering are vast. Combine engineering with agriculture to help combat food shortages, or with Defence to protect your country. Working in renewable energy will play an active role in reducing carbon emissions, while a biomedical career could see you designing lifesaving equipment such as ventilators.

Engineering underpins so many important jobs of our present and future. That’s why, in this issue – sponsored by Commonwealth Bank – we’re shining a light on amazing engineering feats and the careers behind them.

Includes a special 8-page quantum flip-cover section

Flip the cover of our Engineering 2022 edition to find our special 8-page section, all about careers in quantum science and technology, sponsored by the Sydney Quantum Academy.

Australia is a hotbed of quantum talent and innovation, and this exciting area of technology is set to revolutionise industries as diverse as finance, communications, energy, health, agriculture and manufacturing.

Discover niche career options, explore study paths and meet real life role models.

Gemma Chilton

Author: Gemma Chilton

Gemma is the Managing Editor of Careers with STEM magazine. She has previously worked as Digital Managing Editor at Australian Geographic and a staff writer at Cosmos science magazine.

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