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Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2021


Get the data on maths careers!

Unpack YouTube stats, maths for trades and more

The National Skills Commission has put jobs in data science at the top of its “emerging occupations” list. This means that data analytics skills are most frequently mentioned in Australian job ads over any other skills. Maths more broadly is critical to not only fast-growing STEM jobs but also a range of other careers in insurance, real estate, retail, trades, security, agriculture and more.

Of all the elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, students have the biggest disconnect between what careers maths leads to and what it’s all for. 

This issue of Careers with STEM aims to showcase the diverse and exciting range of career pathways available in maths & data, as well as challenge the myths and stereotypes that are keeping students from pursuing a career in this fast-growing, crucial field.

This issue explores how maths is used everyday to manage health, business, trades, security, society, agriculture, education and much more!

Your Careers with STEM experts connected the dots between high school maths challenges and the exciting, diverse and emerging careers your study path can lead to.


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