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Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2023


Careers with STEM: Maths & Data is a careers resource for high school students, all about the exciting and diverse study and career pathways in maths & data. Meet real-life role models, and discover how you can combine your passion with maths to forge your perfect career path.


Whether you’re working on developing new technology, conducting research, or solving problems in any field, you’ll need a strong foundation in maths to be able to understand and work with complex concepts and solve problems.

And maths isn’t just useful for STEM careers – it’s also important in areas like finance, business, and even design. 

Data skills are also becoming increasingly important in all fields, as more and more organisations rely on data-driven decision making. 

Careers with STEM: Maths + Data is packed with inspiring real-world career profiles, practical tips and advice, and fascinating insights into the jobs of the future. We explore some familiar and some surprising maths career pathways, including in finance, mining and meteorology. Plus meet some superstars (who weren’t even into maths to begin with) using maths everyday to change people’s lives 

Includes a special Economics edition! 

Flip the cover of our Maths + Data 2022 edition to find our special 8-page section, all about careers in economics, sponsored by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Economics is all about how we share limited resources in the best way possible, and in this special edition you’ll meet 4 economists helping to fight climate change and power the energy revolution. Plus, find out what a day in the life of an RBA economist is like.


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