Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Careers with STEM: Science & Space 2021


Go beyond the lab!

Featuring special Space flip-cover edition

In this edition of Careers with STEM, discover space careers you can do right here at home! Plus, the periodic table of science careers, animal conservation and more!

Meet scientists solving pressing global challenges through creative innovation and industry collaboration. Scientists don’t just work in the lab and field – they collaborate on innovative new areas that lead to whole new products and careers.

Science is also a great way to follow your passion – from food to animals, starting a business, or improving health and fitness, there’s a science career waiting for you.

Flip the magazine over for our special edition all about careers in space! A job in the space sector may seem out of reach, or only available to a select few who want to be an astronaut. But the good news is, there are many space jobs that draw on STEM skills and areas like software development, industrial design, and metal fabricating. Discover unexpected career pathways into space careers without leaving the solar system, or even your own region.

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