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Careers with STEM: Science 2023


Careers with STEM: Science is a careers resource for high school students, all about the exciting and diverse study and career pathways in science. Meet real-life role models, and discover how you can combine your passion with science to forge your perfect career path.

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Are you curious about the world and want a meaningful career that will make a difference? Science is all about asking questions, solving problems and exploring the world around us (and beyond!). And with challenges like climate change, the pandemic, chronic disease and our ageing population, we need people with skills in science to help us build a bright future for all.

Careers with STEM: Science is a careers resource that’s sure to inspire high school students about the careers of the future. In the pages of this bright, fun 36-page print magazine, you’ll meet real-life career role models, showcasing the range of exciting (and sometimes surprising!) career paths available in science. Whether you’re passionate about helping the environment, curing disease, understanding ancient worlds or working with cutting-edge tech, there could be a career in science out there for you! 

Includes a special Environment + Data edition! 

Careers with STEM Environment + Data magazine coverWe can save the planet faster if we have the numbers to tell us what needs to be done and when. That means data!

In this special edition of Careers with STEM (featured on the flip-cover of the science magazine), meet real-life STEM professionals using their data skills and tech to have a big impact in conversation.

Discover the skills you’ll need and the pathways into this cool and important STEM career.

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