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Job Kit: Biomedical Scientist


This free 8-page Careers with STEM Job Kit is your introduction to becoming a biomedical scientist. Meet real-life role models, discover study pathways and next steps. Brought to you in partnership with QUT, Brisbane.


Biomedical scientists use their specialised knowledge, critical thinking and technical skill to solve modern health problems. They are the people who develop new vaccines, discover ways to kill pathogens and develop new treatments for diseases like cancer. 

There are many pathways you can follow as a biomedical science graduate. You could work in research, in university, in health clinics or medical laboratories, making discoveries and turning them into tools to improve health. 

Biomedical science is also an excellent degree for students who plan to go on to study postgraduate medicine, as the degree provides foundational knowledge about body systems and the agents and injuries that can impact on them. 

A career in biomedical science is highly collaborative, and can take you all over the world.

Download this free 8-page Careers with STEM Job Kit for more about this crucial, exciting career.