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Job Kit: Electrical Engineer


This free 8-page Careers with STEM Job Kit is your introduction to becoming an electrical engineer. Meet real-life role models, discover study pathways and next steps. Brought to you in partnership with Macquarie University.


In this free Electrical Engineer Job Kit, you’ll meet real-life mentors, get career tips and insights, and get inspired about how you can kickstart a rewarding career in electrical engineering.

Electrical engineers quite literally run the world. They use their advanced maths and physics smarts to power our homes, classrooms, cities and satellites – designing and managing both large and small-scale systems that transmit energy and process information.

There’s an electrical engineer behind your household appliances, the phone calls you make, the shows you stream, lights you flick on – and even the future car you might drive. 

And if you’re already thinking about graduate opportunities – more power to you! Employers are actively seeking out electrical engineers skilled in mobile networking, satellite communications, renewable energy and microelectronics – in fields as diverse as banking, telecommunications, Defence, AI and health

Brought to you by Refraction Media in partnership with Macquarie University.