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Dr Santosh Panjikar

Beamline scientist
Beamline scientist Dr Santosh Panjikar to assist COVID-19 research at the Australian Synchrotron

Raya Tasnim

ANSTO Graduate
Raya studied a Bachelor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering/Bachelor of Materials Science and is now a grad at ANSTO

Alex Boyd

ANSTO Graduate
Alex Boyd studied a Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science & Health and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

Krystal Sharan

ANSTO Graduate
Krystal Sharan studied a Masters of Business, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

Conor Gould

ANSTO Graduate
Conor Gould studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) at Griffith University and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

Keita Richardson

ANSTO Graduate
Ever wondered what a grad gig in nuclear science involves? ANSTO graduate Keita Richardson walks us through his day on the job 

Bianca Shepherd

Engineering Support Workshop Manager
ANSTO’s Engineering Support Workshop Manager Bianca Shepherd oversees the manufacturing of parts for Australia’s only nuclear reactor

Dr Eleanor Campbell

ANSTO scientist
Failing first-year chemistry didn’t stop Dr Eleanor Campbell from landing her dream job at ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron.

Patricia Gadd

Nuclear scientist
Patricia Gadd, instrument scientist at ANSTO is analysing lake sediment cores with nuclear science to map climate changes over tens or hundreds of thousands of years.

Lillian Caruana

Rookie researcher
Lillian Caruana is a volunteer researcher at ANSTO when she's not studying; a lucky break she attributes to taking every opportunity that comes her way.

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