Careers with Code

Nilufar Baghaei

Edu-games guru

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Dr Nilufar Baghaei, uses gamification to teach tech and support mental health.
Lisy kane, girl geek academy founder

Lisy Kane

Girl Geek Academy founder

Lisy Kane didn't realise that gaming was a career option in her early days. Now she's the founder of tech startup, Girl Geek Academy, with an impressive and extensive resume in game production.

Luca Stamatescu

Big Hero guy

As part of Telstra's Graduate Program, Luca is building client solutions with technology - like inputting software into humanoid robot!

Jennifer May

Graduate engineer

Jennifer's optimising massive scale software for Commbank, thanks to a spot in their Enterprise Services graduate program.
Ally Watson, Code Like A Girl

Ally Watson

Code Like A Girl

Developer Ally Watson co-founded Code Like A Girl to combat gender stereotypes and help young women find their passion in coding.