Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Oindrila Das

Cyber Attack Expert
A love of code led to a career in cyber attack expertise with Telstra

Tara Tjandra

Full-stack Developer
Tara Tjandra's custom emoji creation makes emojis come to life.

Jessica D'Ali

Digital Animator
Jessica D'Ali has a bright future ahead of her in digital animation for films.

Isha Pandya

App Developer
Isha is in her app-y place in Telstra's graduate program

Jesse Arundell

Innovation Whiz
Jesse Arundell is using cutting-edge emerging technologies to bring the future forward.

Shishira Skanda

Cyber Crime Fighter
Shishira Skanda is using her coding skills to prevent cyber crime.

Charisse Co

iOS Developer
Charisse Co is determined to improve your life through interaction design, one small step at a time

Yaya Lu

Robotics Engineer
A thirst for knowledge led Yaya Lu to help develop an innovative voice controlled wheelchair

Darren Bainbridge

MyApiary Founder
Think every coder's day is the same? Think again!

Taj Pabari

Risk Taker
Taj Pabari is engineering a new educational tablet and passing on his entrepreneurship skills to his fellow students

Sonya Corcoran

Digital innovation manager
Frustrated with education technology, Sonya Corcoran learnt to code and built her own webapps.

Andrea Olrich

Graduate software developer
Andrea Olrich recommends embracing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

SEEK reports more gender diversity in recruitment since removing coding from selection criteria

Online job search platform SEEK has increased the number of women in its technology graduate recruitment program by removing coding from its selection criteria.

The healthcare industry: a growing target for cyber attacks

healthcare industry targeted by cyber attacks Australia
In a world where our emergency services rely on data and technology to function, a successful attack could result in a significant risk to life.

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