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Alex Boyd

ANSTO Graduate
Alex Boyd studied a Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science & Health and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

Krystal Sharan

ANSTO Graduate
Krystal Sharan studied a Masters of Business, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

Conor Gould

ANSTO Graduate
Conor Gould studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) at Griffith University and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

Keita Richardson

ANSTO Graduate
Ever wondered what a grad gig in nuclear science involves? ANSTO graduate Keita Richardson walks us through his day on the job 

Dr Alison Todd

Health inventor
Dr Alison Todd has built a distinguished STEM career and international health science business based on passion and curiosity

Anika Fechner-Head

Graduate Environmental Scientist 
Into environmental science but other stuff too? A double degree could equip you with some pretty well-rounded skills

Elise McCarthy

Always dreamt of working outside? There’s a planet full of roles in conservation! Office, optional

Dr James O’Hanlon

Freelance Artist and Scientist
Dr James O’Hanlon is equal parts creative and scientific – combining both his strengths to create a one-of-a-kind career

Amy MacIntosh

Amy MacIntosh is investigating the impacts of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) from deep-sea oil and gas pipelines on Australian marine animals.

Dr Christina N. Zdenek

Snake expert
Hanging out with highly venomous snakes is all in a days work for Dr Christina N. Zdenek 

Arjumand Banu Khan

Environmental scientist & science communicator
Arjumand is passionate about helping young people appreciate the wonders of STEM.

Kiera Flynn

Corporate communications manager
Kiera Flynn’s background in biomedicine helped her land a communications role at L’Oreal

Meet the 17-year-old entrepreneur developing the coolest study app 

Eric Rametta
Eric Rametta is setting out to change the game for students tackling multiple subjects, timetables and exams to cram for 

The world needs more women in IT

Women in IT
A new report by Monash University's Faculty of IT has identified three main factors that play into why women are encouraged or discouraged into going into IT.

Want to save the planet? Study environmental engineering

environmental engineering university of adelaide
Solve climate change? Check. Make renewables better? Check. Help the government make greener policies? You bet! Studying...