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Joshua Yi

Electrical engineer
Joshua Yi likes machine learning and working with his hands, which makes his job working with ANSTO’s state-of-the-art facilities and tools the perfect fit!

Cael Gallagher

PhD candidate
Using data from a robot on Mars to teach geology through virtual reality in the outback... that’s all in a day’s work for QUT PhD candidate Cael Gallagher

Raya Tasnim

Silicon irradiations engineer
Raya is a Silicon Irraditions Engineer at ANSTO, which means she’s involved in a crucial step in the production of the semiconductors used in high end electronics, such as satellites and bullet trains

Dr Maddy McAllister

Marine archaeologist
Marine archaeologist Dr Maddy McAllister combines her love of the ocean with archaeology to bring shipwrecks to the surface and into the digital realm

Scott Hazelden

Environment superintendent, Fortescue Metals Group
Scott Hazelden uses his qualifications in environmental management to make sure Aussie iron ore producer Fortescue Metals sticks to its eco-obligations

Brenan Dew

Space Discovery Centre manager
A combined passion for archaeology and space led Brenan Dew to a career that’s out of this world

Aasta Kelly

Research genetic counsellor
Passion and personal circumstances led Aasta Kelly to not one but two dream jobs in genetic counselling

Bettina Berger

Scientific director
Bettina Berger’s love of nature sowed the seeds for a successful career in research and science leadership

James Schifferle

Software engineer
An Australian school-based apprenticeship kickstarted James Schifferle’s STEM career

Paige McElhinney

Forensic scientist
Paige McElhinney uses STEM skills on the daily to help solve crimes!

Dr Shahd Al-Janabi

Health systems insight manager
Shahd started in psychology and then switched into an amazing career in Defence

Annika Bounkeua

Biomedical science student
Annika Bounkeua pirouetted from ballet into STEM and is excited to see where her biomedical studies take her

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