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Fashion & Beauty

Wondering how you could possibly combine your passion for fashion and beauty with STEM and build an awesome career in those sectors? Get inspired by these real-life role models and their exciting career paths.

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Computer scientist

Katia Vega is a fashion-forward US-based computer scientist who creates computers you wear.

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Software engineer

AUT computer science grad Calli Bates is working at the cutting edge of high-tech fashion Online shopping has brought with it a lot of positives

Data science student

Caitlin Apcar wanted to study a degree that she’d love and ensured employability. That’s how she ended up studying a Bachelor of IT (Data Science) at Macquarie Uni.

Fashion founder

Maggie McGowan is using maths in her fashion business, Magpie Goose, to create employment opportunities for Indigenous artists in the Northern Territory. From pattern-making to profit margins, Maggie uses maths to produce funky and ethical clothing.