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Underground mine manager

Breanna Cameron receiving her engineering degree.

At high school, when it came to STEM, Breanna favoured maths. So much so that she enjoyed helping her mates out when they were stuck – something she still does in her next-gen mining gig. “It’s one of my favourite parts of the job now,” Breanna says. “Helping people see things from different perspectives is […]

Electronics engineer

Electronics engineer Vance Takiguchi’s love for robotics started early and now he’s helping others find their path Vance was lucky enough to start working with robotics in Year 4 when he joined Macquarie University’s FIRST Robotics club. From there he was hooked, joining another robotics program and eventually landing a scholarship to do a Bachelor […]

IT and Engineering double degree student

QUT Student Ambassador and IT and engineering double degree student Vi Tran encourages all future students to keep an open mind about what to study at uni Vi’s love for physics and philosophy at school led her towards a STEM path, but she wasn’t sure what to study at uni. “As I was choosing my […]

High school maths & science teacher

High school maths teacher

When high school maths & science teacher Zoe Land heard one of her siblings say, “I hate biology,” she was so determined to change their mind she started tutoring them.  “That’s when I realised I didn’t actually mind teaching them and trying to get them excited about science,” Zoe says.  She followed up her Bachelor […]

Mathematical statistician

As a mathematical statistician Melissa Humphries uses her maths skills to help people make sense of our world When Melissa mentioned she was good at high school maths to an English lecturer at uni, it set her on an entirely different path towards a career in statistics.  “I wanted something that was going to have […]

Antarctic climatologist

Danielle Udy works with Antarctic ice cores and climate models to help us better understand our changing climate In high school, Danielle knew she wanted to work in weather or climate science and be outdoors. Now, her dream has become reality! As an Antarctic climatologist, Danielle works with Antarctic ice cores in the -20°C freezer […]