Monday, January 24, 2022
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Vanessa Zepeda

PhD Student
The Little Mermaid inspired Vanessa Zepeda to study marine biology, now she’s searching for life beyond

Dr Santosh Panjikar

Beamline scientist
Beamline scientist Dr Santosh Panjikar to assist COVID-19 research at the Australian Synchrotron

Jennifer Myers

Allied health assistance grad
Jennifer Myers dreams of becoming an occupational therapist, even if it means taking an unconventional path to get there

Dr Kathryn Mcmahon

Marine scientist
Dr Kathryn McMahon has created an amazing career in conservation

James Hattam

Ecologist and CEO
Deakin University graduate James Hattam started his career as an ecologist, but later found his calling connecting people with conservation as CEO of the Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Aleisha Amohia

Software developer
Junior developer, Women in Tech president and VUW student Aleisha Amohia is breaking down barriers for young women studying engineering.

Angela Begg

Sustainability consultant
Angela Begg spent her uni years learning how to engineer renewable energy, until a LinkedIn DM landed her a job for real

Danika Smith

Water engineer
Danika turned her love of STEM and passion for the environment into a fulfilling career focussed on water infrastructure

Simone Barakat

Agritech Product Manager
Mixing agriculture with STEM has set Simone Barakat up with an awesome career in agritech!

Raya Tasnim

ANSTO Graduate
Raya studied a Bachelor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering/Bachelor of Materials Science and is now a grad at ANSTO

Alex Boyd

ANSTO Graduate
Alex Boyd studied a Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science & Health and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

Krystal Sharan

ANSTO Graduate
Krystal Sharan studied a Masters of Business, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science and is now a Graduate at ANSTO

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Cyber Sista
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Conservation careers
Do you love plants and animals? Enjoy spending time outdoors? A conservation science pathway could be in your sights

Want to save the planet? Study environmental engineering

environmental engineering university of adelaide
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