Friday, December 1, 2023
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J. Rosenbaum

AI artist and researcher
J. Rosenbaum figured out how to combine their passion for creativity with their love for tech and now teaches others how to tap into that vision

Kelly Miles

Hearing researcher
Dr Kelly Miles is shaping the future of how we communicate

Indigo Hennig

Westpac Young Technologist
Westpac Young Technologist Indigo Hennig is hoping to change the world for the better with tech, having found the perfect harmony in her maths and IT double degree

Tiarna McElligott

Wearable tech expert
Meet Tiarna McElligott, the student-CEO who’s saving firefighters with wearable tech

Jane Shen

Machine learning engineer
Using her skills as a machine learning engineer, Jane Shen is helping build the next generation of AI-powered customer service chatbots

Corey Brown

Co-founder, Goanna Solutions
When Corey Brown, a proud Gamilaraay and Dunghutti man, launched Goanna Solutions in 2018, he wanted to break a cycle and make digital technologies, and the skills required to get a job in the field, available to everyone.

Adriana Bora

AI ethicist
Mixing AI with social good has proven to be a winning combo for Adriana Bora, who is putting her tech skills to use fighting modern slavery

Mahla Nejati

Robots research fellow
Mahla Nejati’s early love of programming came from robotics competitions at school and now she loves solving real-world problems with algorithms

Candice Bowditch

Security engineer, Google
It’s Candice Bowditch’s job to keep Google systems safe from hackers and other cyber security threats

Anna Truffet

Software engineer, Google
Anna Truffet works at Google to verify user identities to prevent financial crime

Max Griffiths

Site reliability engineer
Max Griffiths uses his computer science skills to keep Google products running smoothly and reliably

Daniella Kurnia Surya

Cyber security intern
Wanting to help others for a living had Daniella Kurnia Surya considering becoming a surgeon. She then picked cyber security instead!

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