Data scientist

    Adam Benari

    Adam Benari
    Careers with data are some of the most in-demand job areas, with an anticipated growth in employment of almost 13% during the next five years. Adam's is one of them.

    Adam Benari uses data science to improve disability support services.

    For 24-year-old Adam Benari, his path to becoming a data scientist at Hireup, one
    of the leading disability support providers in Australia, began as a family affair. His mum, who worked as an occupational therapist while Adam was growing up, found her way into support work at Hireup, which inspired him to give it a go, too.

    Adam worked with people with disabilities and gained crucial experience in the
    admin department while he was studying at uni. From there, he contacted the
    head of data at Hireup and soon found himself a member of the team.

    The role of a data scientist is extremely collaborative. “It’s all about using
    analytical skills and tools to help companies answer business problems and
    identify trends,” says Adam. One of the projects he’s most proud of is Hireup’s
    recommendations engine. It seeks to match data from the 20,000 profiles on the
    site to pair up support workers and people with disabilities who might be well suited.

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    The goal for the data science team at Hireup is to move the company, and the
    disability sector as a whole, forward in a positive direction.

    Adam says young people interested in a STEM career should “follow their
    passion. That has to be the driver of everything you do.”

    Adam’s study and career pathway

    This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2021.

    Hannah Diviney

    Author: Hannah Diviney

    Hannah Diviney is a passionate twenty-something writer from Sydney. You can find her on Instagram @hannahthewildflower or on Twitter @hannah_diviney


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