Business owner

    Adam Brimo

    By Jesse Hawley

    Following his double degree in Arts and Engineering at UNSW Australia, Adam Brimo created an international, multi-million dollar business called OpenLearning – an online platform that “enables anyone to create, run, teach and enrol in a course,” he says.

    “Arts is a good complement to engineering,” says Adam. He adds that the engineering mindset helps with problem solving in other areas, like politics and international affairs.

    Adam immersed himself in opportunities at uni, including visiting China through the uni’s involvement in the RoboCup competition. “That was a fantastic experience,” he says.

    During his degree, Adam worked part-time as a software engineer at Macquarie Bank, which directly related to his studies, he says. His degree focused on learning how to learn and included group projects that involved planning and project management, as well as software development.

    “Make sure you do something you’re passionate about,” he says. “And if you fail, get back up and try again.”

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