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    Marielle never saw herself as one of those engineers. She’s studying a PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado, but to her detriment, she never really considered herself a part of the club.

    “One of my larger obstacles while doing my degree was that I didn’t see myself as an engineer, so I didn’t take part in the extracurriculars that get your career going.

    “Lack of representation manifests itself in harmful ways, it gives you a sense of not belonging. Recognizing the need for representation was the final push before starting my website.” she says.

    That’s when Miss Aerospace was born. It’s unapologetically feminine, helping to redefine what we see when we think ‘aerospace engineer’. Marielle blogs about everything aerospace and astronomy (her personal passion); from meteor shower guides and the lowdown on space junk, to personally answered questions submitted from users. She’s dishing out expert college and aerospace advice, and won’t scrimp on the detail either! Submit a question yourself here.

    One thing Marielle wants us to know is that aerospace engineering affects all of us much more than we’d think, from technology we use daily to solving global problems.

    “Even if you don’t have satellite radio or TV, you rely on satellites heavily through GPS. Aerospace Engineering allows us to tackle problems like how much of the ice caps are melting or where is the water going when there is a drought; very slight changes in gravity can help scientists learn about these things at very precise levels!”

    If there’s one thing Marielle could achieve from Miss Aerospace? It’s engaging women and girls to take part by providing the female role model she never had… and she’s already done it. Marielle received a message from a long-time follower saying that Miss Aerospace had encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming an aerospace engineer.

    “That is all I had ever hoped for with Miss Aerospace, and, if anything, I would love to connect with people on a larger scale.”

    -Eliza Brockwell

    Marielle’s pathway to being an Aerospace Engineer

    > > Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida

    > > PhD in Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado

    MissAerospace aerospace engineer

    Lack of representation manifests itself in harmful ways, it gives you a sense of not belonging.”

    Eliza Brockwell

    Author: Eliza Brockwell

    Eliza is passionate about creating content that encourages diversity of representation in STEM.


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