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    Alice Beckett

    engineering degree
    By Guy Fenton

    Recent graduate Alice powered through her Engineering degree at La Trobe University, honing her interests in robotics and telecommunications and making the most of extracurricular competitions.

    She encourages more girls to get involved in engineering.

    “Engineering isn’t as much of a ‘boy’s club’ as it seems. Girls should totally give it a go,” she says.

    In 2013, Alice made her mark in the Telstra Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Challenge, winning first prize in the 10-week competition requiring her team to design an innovative product using Telstra’s NextG communication network.

    “We built Home Guardian, a device that monitors motion in the homes of elderly or disabled people and alerts family members via text message when there’s a lack of motion.”

    The win also opened doors to careers with Telstra. “We were fast tracked through Telstra’s employment system. I started my grad job with them in February,” says Alice.

    Alice’s career goals aren’t necessarily about the hype of creating something entirely new, but rather to “make people’s lives better and easier, and make the world more connected”.

    engineering degree

    Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)
    La Trobe University

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