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Brody Foy

Brody Foy, a QUT mathematics graduate and the recipient of Queensland’s 2015 Rhodes Scholarship, would like to bust one of the biggest misconceptions about studying a maths degree: that graduates are not very employable. “Maths skills are right on the pulse and are regularly rated as some of the most valuable skill sets,” says the co-founder of an artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy.

Brody’s PhD applies his maths skills to computational biology — specifically, lung function testing. He uses data from CT scans to create computer models of lungs. “This rapidly and easily allows you to do tests on a ‘virtual’ patient, which you couldn’t carry out in a clinical setting,” Brody says.

The tests usually involve modelling the spread of a disease such as cancer. “I’ve visited hospitals to find out exactly what questions doctors need answers to, so that my research can help them in the best way possible,” he says.

Brody has also co-founded a non-profit consultancy that uses data analysis and machine learning to solve problems in healthcare, energy and social services. “It’s all about the power of technology to do social good,” he says. 

– Larissa Fedunik-Hofman

Brody’s path to artificial intelligence

>> Bachelor of Mathematics (Hons), QUT

>> PhD (Mathematics), New College, University of Oxford, UK

>> Co-founder and chief technology officer, Rhodes Artificial Intelligence Lab

“Maths skills are right on the pulse and are regularly rated as some of the most valuable skill sets.”

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