Quantitative Analyst

    Avalon Martinkus

    As a child, Avalon loved puzzles and became fascinated with maths in high school.

    Businesses are looking for maths experts like Avalon  Martinkus to help them assess the risk of climate change.

    Analysing how sea level rise might impact Australia’s coastal areas was not something Avalon thought she would be using her maths degree for. But more and more banks, governments and other organisations are looking for people with maths skills to help them.

    As a quantitative analyst with the Bank of Queensland (BOQ), Avalon’s main job is to help build and maintain computer models to assess the credit risk of customers.

    “My team and I do a lot of analysis to understand the bank’s readiness for certain types of extreme events, and the money that could be needed to cover potential losses,” Avalon explains.

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    As a child, Avalon loved puzzles and she became fascinated with maths in high school. “I never found maths to be impossible or a chore. When I was deciding on my uni study, I knew people who had studied maths and I talked to them about the career prospects,” she says.

    Her biggest inspiration, though, is her mum, who worked as a geologist in the 1980s when female geologists and engineers were rare. “Mum has worked in STEM roles her whole life and that passion has rubbed off on me,” she says.

    Day-to-day Avalon enjoys her time in the office, mainly coding in R or SAS software, and attending events run by the bank. “Financial risk is a growing area and I definitely foresee myself staying in the industry in the near future,” she says. – Claire Harris

    Avalon’s study and career pathway

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