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    Philip Brown

    Philip brown aviation career

    I have had a passion for aviation for as long as I can remember. My first books were airplane books – in fact, all my books are still about planes. All I wanted to do was have wings and fly and that’s what I did. I fly most weekends at my local club, where I’ve been a member for nine years. I enjoy tinkering with my machines in my spare time.

    I also have a love for aerobatic flying, as it requires skill and precision to get the maximum out of the aircraft. I hope one day to compete in aerobatic competitions. I’ve just completed a four-year apprenticeship, including a Certificate 4 in Aeroskills, at Padstow TAFE in NSW.

    Currently, I am a Field Serv ice Technician at Safran Helicopter Engines based at Bankstown Airport. I complete repairs to turboshaft engines at Bankstown and also around Australia and New Zealand. We need more people, especially women, in aviation engineering. It’s important to remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. When studying engineering or completing an apprenticeship, four years may seem like forever, but it passes very quickly.

    Gain as much knowledge as you can from anyone that offers it and never be afraid to ask questions. Aviation might seem like a big and complicated industry at the start, but once you learn the basics of it the rest is easy.

    Philip’s path to becoming an aviation engineer:

    • Certificate 4, Aeroskills at Padstow TAFE
    • Technician, Safran Helicopter Engines


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