Bachelor of Data Science student

    Emma Studerus

    Emma Studerus - Bachelor of Data Science

    Think doing a data science degree from home is impossible? Think again! Emma Studerus is on the task

    Emma has always been a numbers whiz, but diving into data to hunt for hidden solutions is what really makes her tick. “I love to make sense of data and use analysis to solve real-world issues,” says Emma.

    Emma discovered her love of data science after taking a unit in data analysis while she was studying IT. After working in IT and customer service for a few years, she took the plunge and decided to pursue a Bachelor of Data Science at QUT as an external student. “Flexible learning allows me to create that balance between work, family, and study,” she says. “Being able to attend different online workshops is very helpful if I miss one.” And, instead of sitting in peak-hour traffic just getting to the uni campus, Emma uses the time to study at home.

    One of Emma’s favourite things about studying at QUT is the focus on real-world skills and career development. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions during online classes – there are no silly questions,” says Emma. “Not only will you understand the subject better, but it will also encourage other students to engage more.”

    Emma’s path (so far!)

    • IT support engineer
    • Peer leader, QUT
    • Research assistant, QUT
    • Bachelor of Data Science, QUT

    This article was created in partnership with QUT and originally appears in the QUT STEM Guide 2022.

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    Gemma Conroy

    Author: Gemma Conroy

    Gemma is a freelance journalist with a passion for making science accessible to everyone. Gemma has a degree in biology from Macquarie University and loves sharing amazing discoveries with the world.



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