Software engineer

    Belinda Teh

    By Lynnette Hoffman

    Fabulous shoes made to your own design might not sound like part of your usual computer science career.

    “It sounds more fashion than technical, but it’s all online so there are a lot of other skills that feed into it,” explains UNSW Australia computer science graduate Belinda Teh, who works as a software engineer for Shoes of Prey. “It needs database management, web design and networking. I also work a lot with graphics, scripting and 3D rendering.”

    Bel’s parents exposed her to the same activities as her brother from a young age, including Dick Smith electronics workshops. Always interested in maths and science, she considered studying electrical engineering, but chose CS because of the amazing projects she could get involved in – and she hasn’t looked back since.

    Bel was part of UNSW Australia’s winning team in the 2014 RoboCup tournament in Brazil. She was in charge of programming the robots’ kicking action – to control details such as where to kick the ball, how to get the ball to a particular spot at a particular speed, and so on.

    “The idea is to code robots to play soccer and continually improve so that by 2050 we will have robots that can play against humans!”

    One day, Bel hopes to work for SpaceX – a company that designs, makes and launches spacecraft. “I’d love to go to Mars!”

    Bachelor of Computer Science
    UNSW Australia

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