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Ben Sumners

Technology graduate

Cyber security careers

Originally a self-taught “tech nerd”, Ben Sumners is loving his career in cyber security at Commonwealth Bank

Ben says he can’t remember when he first got into tech – it’s just always been a part of his life. However, there were no tech classes at his school, “so everything I had to learn was through self-guided study”, he says.

This meant there was a pretty big gap in his knowledge as to what careers were available to him: “I always just assumed there were maybe only a few jobs that I could do, like hacking and IT repair.”

Even when Ben signed up for a Bachelor of Cyber Security at Macquarie University, he did so because it sounded interesting – but he still didn’t really understand how diverse the job landscape is: “I understand now there are literally hundreds of different roles just in cyber security alone!”

Living the dream

Through the CareerTrackers Indigenous internship program, Ben undertook summer  placements at Commonwealth Bank as a cyber security advisor every year of his degree, so he must have felt pretty familiar with the place when he landed a graduate role at the bank!

Currently working on secure internet access, designing policies and guidelines for employees, Ben loves being able to question how things are done and implement best practice – his focus right now being a project that will shift the way his team monitors internet access, further improving security.

“I’m currently living my dream job and love everything that I’m doing,” he says.

Ben’s advice for anyone interested in a career in cyber security is to just go for it. “It’s a career that will never die,” he says. “You won’t regret it.”

And whatever your background looks like, whatever path you end up taking, Ben says you can always give your career a kickstart right now by being a self-directed learner like he was: “There are thousands of good introductions to cyber security on the internet.”

Ben’s pathway

Careers with STEM: Cyber Security
Careers with STEM: Cyber Security

This article is sponsored by Commonwealth Bank and was originally published in Careers with STEM: Cyber Security – the flip cover to Careers with STEM: Technology.

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