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    Christopher Wong

    “You learn about the RBA in high school economics and how it’s the place you want to be challenged in economic thought,” says Chris.

    He was interested in using maths as a basis for creative understanding, so he decided on becoming a financial analyst. Now Chris is part of the RBA team, analysing global developments and monitoring risks in the Australian financial system to help prevent recessions.

    “The health of the financial system can have large and lasting impacts on the economy and society. I get to work on really challenging issues that go towards trying to help the Australian people,” Chris says.

    Seeing the big picture of how his work affects everyday Australians is what makes it meaningful for Chris. But if you think being a financial analyst is all about maths, think again. Economics requires a lot of humanities skills, examining policies and understanding their impact. “Maths is such a powerful and broad field which can be used to solve so many problems and be applied in so many different ways,” he says.

    Chris feels lucky to walk through the RBA doors every day. He was at uni when he scored a job on the back of a successful internship with the bank, and hit the ground running.

    “I get up every morning because I have four alarms set,” jokes Chris. “I get up on the fourth alarm [because] the bank has great emphasis on work/life balance; which ultimately gives you more brain power.”

    – Eliza Brockwell

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    “I get to work on really challenging issues that go towards trying to help the Australian people.”

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