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Bing Xue

Growth Detector

From mussels to dolphins, Bing Xue uses her coding skills to conserve the planet, one species at a time. 

For Bing, computer science is so much more than working with numbers and code on a screen. Instead, it’s a powerful way to make a difference. “The thing I enjoy most is solving real-world problems,” says Bing. “You can see that we’re making a difference and that’s really exciting.”

With her team at New Zealand’s Victoria University of Wellington, Bing is designing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to track how mussels grow in national parks. By applying her technique to images of the mussels, Bing and her team can track how fast the mussels are growing and understand their feeding patterns. “It’s far more efficient than having to actually go into the water and look at them,” says Bing.


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 Bing’s advice to students interested in computer science and conservation is to keep their study options broad. For example, it’s a good idea for computer science majors to take ecology and conservation subjects to build their knowledge.

It also doesn’t hurt to reach out to lecturers and professors, she says.

“Talk to your teachers, as they are also looking for students with the right expertise,” says Bing. “They will be able to guide you to opportunities.” 

Bing’s study and career pathway

  • Bachelor of Science, Information Management and Information Systems, Henan University of Economics and Law 
  • Master of Science, Management Science and Engineering, Shenzhen University 
  • PhD in evolutionary computation, Victoria University of Wellington 
  • Associate Professor of Computer Science and Researcher,  Victoria University of Wellington
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