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Alexander Mugford

Biomedical scientist

Alexander Mugford - Biomedical Scientist

A grounding in biomedical science has given Alexander Mugford the perfect foundation on his path to becoming a medical doctor

A lover of English at school, biomedical scientist Alexander once considered becoming a writer or working in the creative arts, but switched to science because of all the stable career paths it would open up.

Now very much on the STEM train, he’s just completed a degree in the biomedical science area at ECU.

Biomedical science is a mix of theoretical genetics, physiology and pathology with laboratory work. It’s all about using what we know about molecules and small biomarkers, and manipulating them to find a way to discover new things or new processes. “This helps us diagnose, manage and treat illnesses in research and the community,” he adds.

During his time at uni, Alexander has appreciated how supportive ECU has been. “They would ensure we had the tools to succeed in our degree but also challenged us with assignments that built skills for our careers outside of university,” he says.

His next step? Becoming a medical doctor. Alexander has been accepted into studying medicine but says there are fantastic jobs in labs and research you can land with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

“Additionally public health is a growing space, where government policy and programs are designed to improve the health of a large population at once,” he says.

Alexander’s study path to becoming a biomedical scientist

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science, ECU

This profile was brought to you in partnership with ECU and a version of it was originally published in Careers with STEM: Health.


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