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    Bonny Rawson

    Bonny Rawson - food technologist

    Product technologist Bonny Rawson is a proud Ballardong Noongar woman, who discovered a new world of food via an airline corporate gig.

    As a product technologist, Bonny Rawson works with a team to bring new choice to the supermarket aisle. “It’s great because I’m not just stuck in the office,” she says. “I love being able to travel and work with different people, from supply chain and category managers, to suppliers – big and little. I love being around food, and eating it!”

    Bonny studied a Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Technology major) at Perth’s Curtin University, and then went on to do Honours.

    In her last year at uni, she joined CareerTrackers, a program that links Indigenous students with the corporate world. That led to an internship at Qantas’ Q Catering division where she helped develop menus for business- and first-class meals.

    After uni, Bonny joined Coles as a Quality Inspector at a Perth distribution centre, then went on to the company’s Store Support Graduate program which led her to a career as a product technologist.

    “You can stay in one category or move around, I choose to move around. I like to try new things and learn a bit more. I do want to develop my technical skills further, so I’m still figuring out what the career path is from here. I’ve got lots of ideas! I was accepted to be on an advisory committee for CSIRO’s Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy. It’s fun and such a diverse career.”

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    Bonny’s study and career pathway to becoming a food technologist

    • Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Technology), Curtin University
    • Career Trackers Indigenous Intern, Q Catering, Qantas Airways
    • Student Mentor, Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience
    • Mentor, CSIRO Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy
    • Product Technologist, Coles
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