Director Soul Solutions

    Bronwen Zande

    By Bianca Nogrady

    Bronwen discovered she was a natural at coding when she first tried it as a young girl. “I definitely don’t think coding is just for boys!” she says. “It’s good for anyone to do.”

    Bronwen is now a developer and director of Brisbane-based information technology company Soul Solutions. They use the latest Microsoft technologies like Kinect for Windows, which helps people interact with computers using voice and gestures.

    One of Bronwen’s favourite new pieces of tech is the HoloLens – a see-through, holographic computer. With it you could put a virtual custom skin on your bike to see how it looks, or find new ways to collaborate in Minecraft, she says.

    While CS wasn’t her first choice at uni, Bronwen quickly realised it suited her. “I’m a problem-solver, and I don’t like letting the computer win!” she says.

    Her company helps clients solve their real-world problems using technology – like creating an online student portal for a uni or an app to improve public health. She also organises DDD Brisbane – a non-profit community event run by developers – and judges school software writing competitions.

    She says, as a programmer, you’re constantly learning new technologies as well as playing with new cool devices. And you can use your skills almost anywhere. “You can work in any industry around the world, which is something you don’t really get with other jobs.”

    Bachelor of Information Technology
    University of Queensland

    STEM Contributor

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