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    Brooke Lloyd

    Brooke Lloyd - COX Architecture

    Brooke Lloyd is using her STEM skills to create sustainable and people-centric interiors

    For Brooke Lloyd, good interior design is a balance between the poetic and pragmatic. As a director at COX Architecture, Brooke leads a team that designs stunning spaces for clients in almost every sector, from hospitality to education.

    Before majoring in interior design at QUT, during a Bachelor of Built Environment degree, Brooke had a very different idea of the career she wanted to pursue. 

    “I almost became a lawyer!” says Brooke. “It wasn’t until I did my degree at QUT that my mind was opened up to STEM.”

    There are many ways that architecture and design intersect with STEM, says Brooke.

    There are some exciting career opportunities for renewable energy engineers and anyone associated with developing alternative building materials,” she says. “There are also some incredible products being produced such as cross-laminated timber (CLT), which is more commonly known, but also more experimental products like Mycelium (a fungus used in everything from the design of plastic alternatives to plant-based meat) that will change the nature of design and construction.”

    Building sustainability

    Brooke’s dream job is to create a more sustainable model for interior design, where reuse replaces production and materials are biodegradable and recyclable.

    Her career to date has been marked by some awe-inspiring projects. Shortly after she left uni, Brooke worked at Conran and Partners in London where she transformed the iconic Blake Tower. “It was so special to become a part of that remarkable legacy,” she says.

    Now, she’s working on a large workplace project to create a space that will be “a magnet for the post-pandemic workforce”. 

    “We’re creating an experience based workplace that will persuade rather than prescribe attendance,” she says. “STEM is more creative than you think!” 

    Brooke’s study and career path

    • Bachelor of Built Environment (Honours) (Interior Design), QUT 
    • Interior Designer, Architecture BVN 
    • Associate, Conran and Partners 
    • Director, COX Architecture 
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