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Calvin He

Economics Researcher

Economics researcher Calvin He was inspired by the Global Financial Crisis in high school – now he helps the RBA answer big questions about the economy.

While Calvin studied commerce and economics in high school, living through and learning about the Global Financial Crisis helped influence his career choice. “This is when I realised the wide-ranging implications of economics and its power as a tool for shaping change,” he says.

Calvin studied a combined Bachelor of Economics and Commerce at UNSW before landing a job at the RBA, where he now works as a research economist.

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“I analyse longer-term questions about the economy and monetary policy, for example ‘How do interest rates affect housing prices?’” he explains. “I then do analysis, which often involves a fair bit of programming and coding, before writing up my results,” he says. “As an economist, you will learn, and develop an informed view, while being able to contribute to important debate – what you do matters.”

Calvin loves economics because “it provides a framework of thinking about a wide range of problems, like if I should buy the next iPhone! The skills you develop by studying economics will serve you well in almost any job, and in life.”

Calvin’s study and career pathway

  • Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), UNSW
  • Policy Research Assistant, Finsia
  • Tutor, UNSW
  • Fixed Income Analyst, RBA
  • Research Economist, RBA 

This article is brought to you in partnership with the RBAIt originally appears in Careers with STEM: Economics 2020.


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