Carbon capture & storage analyst

    Jess Godfrey

    Carbon Capture & Storage Analyst

    Carbon Capture & Storage Analyst Jess Godfrey explores underground worlds to find ways to reduce carbon emissions.

    When Jess Godfrey was in high school, a career in geoscience was far from her mind. “I wasn’t exposed to the finer sciences – I didn’t even know geology existed!” she says.

    Fast forward to today, Jess works as a carbon capture and storage analyst at Origin Energy, which involves finding and assessing underground reservoirs that can be used to store carbon dioxide emitted by power stations and industrial facilities. This means she gets to travel to some of Australia’s most beautiful locations to find clever ways to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. 

    “This field of science literally has it all – every landscape and the ability to understand how it formed,” says Jess.

    After a stint as a communications manager at the National Australia Bank, Jess spent a year travelling around Europe where she discovered her love of mountains, volcanoes, oceans, and exploring natural wonders. This passion for the environment led Jess to enrol in a Bachelor of Science (Earth Science) at QUT where she learnt the problem-solving skills and analytical thinking that she uses in her job today. She later did her Honours year in Western Australia.

    Jess also learnt how to approach failure as a learning exercise, a mindset that can be applied to any industry. “Failure is a part of the process, and that ultimately leads to success,” she says.

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    Jess Godfrey’s path to becoming a carbon capture & storage analyst

    • Bachelor of Science (Earth Science), QUT 
    • Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Geology), The University of Western Australia 
    • Graduate Geoscientist, Origin Energy 
    • Carbon Capture & Storage Analyst, Origin Energy
    Gemma Conroy

    Author: Gemma Conroy

    Gemma is a freelance journalist with a passion for making science accessible to everyone. Gemma has a degree in biology from Macquarie University and loves sharing amazing discoveries with the world.


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