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    Interested in a career in computer science, but not sure where to start? Try combining them with a personal passion and opportunities can pop up anywhere! We spoke to Darren Bainbridge of MyApiary about combining a career in computer science with an interest in beekeeping.

    MyApiary is a digital service for commercial beekeepers that integrates beekeeping with science to track progress and increase profitability. Darren Bainbridge is the Managing Director behind MyApiary’s hive monitors, GPS trackers and computer management software. We spoke to Darren about how a career in computer science led him to this unexpected venture and how it keeps him busy.

    A day in the life of a coder:

    7:30 Wake up, read the newspaper and have some breakfast. I try and have a little time to myself to start the day.

    9:00 Arrive at the office and start by following up customer enquiries.

    11:00 Mornings are for checking in with my team of developers, coders and strategists to keep everything running smoothly. We’ll discuss progress with MyApiary software and plan to resolve any issues. We’re in development mode so we’re continually adapting and improving as a business.

    12:00 Being an entrepreneur timing is always tight, so I try and grab a quick lunch whenever I can.

    1:30 Keep in touch with our beekeepers to get practical feedback on our Hive Tracking software. I’m always following up with customers and I get the opportunity to meet some really great, enthusiastic people.

    3:00 Afternoons are my planning time and I’m constantly working across several tasks at once; I could be analysing the efficiency of our products, catching up with our accountants, or in a board meeting.

    5:00 Research leads on new customers to expand into the Australian market.

    7:30 Finish my work and head home. It’s important to bring some balance and leave on time… or try to!

    8:00 Dinner with my wife. Or, if I’m travelling for work, dinner with the beekeepers followed by a discussion and workshop. Meeting with customers is an important part of developing the business.

    9:00 Go for a walk, or read the biography of an inspiring visionary like Richard Branson or Elon Musk. Never be afraid to be always learning!

    11:00 Time for bed.

    Darren’s journey to MyApiary:

    > > I left school early, went to university and completed a diploma in electrical engineering, followed by Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Electrical.

    > > I had two jobs out of school prior to starting MyApiary. Both were product development roles for small start-up businesses where I worked in a mix of disciplines; project management, electronic design and coding microcontrollers.  I was Product Development Manager for iMonitor, then Lead Firmware Developer for Adherium.

    > > If you’re considering a career in computer science, find a niche area that you enjoy working in. For me, it was low power wireless devices. Never stop having a hunger to learn, university is not the end of the education cycle but the start of a new journey. 


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    “Don’t listen to the doubters but do listen to your mentors.”

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