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Cathy Yuen Yi Lee

Data scientist

Data scientist

Cathy Yuen Yi Lee has applied her statistical expertise to roles in public health all over the world.

Although she is now based in Zurich, Switzerland, as a data scientist at Google, Cathy Yuen Yi Lee spent a large chunk of her career as a biostatistician tackling public health challenges.

“In very simple terms it’s applying statistics to medical and health problems,” says Cathy. “It can really make a difference to public health policy.” This was the case when she analysed risk factors for a NSW State Health Plan around premature babies.

While she has landed some spectacular jobs, from Harvard University to Google, Cathy says she didn’t start out with a detailed set of goals.

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“My university training helped me discover what I wanted my career to be like,” she says. And from mathematics to critical analysis, Cathy is still applying those skills today. “I met a lot of amazing and inspiring people to help me grow. It was worth all the years of study,” she says.

Cathy’s study and career pathway

This article originally appears in Careers with STEM: Maths & Data 2021.

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