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Daniel Lekic

Senior Cyber Innovation Engineer

CBA careers

Daniel Lekic is part of Commonwealth Bank of Australia‘s (CBA) cyber team, one of the largest cyber teams in the southern hemisphere

Staying safe online might be everyone’s responsibility, but what if you’ve been hacked and don’t even know it yet?

This is where the work of Daniel Lekic and his CBA crew comes in. Daniel’s team works to identify those instances when a customer has been attacked but doesn’t know it – along with other cyber security measures that automatically keep your money safe. Daniel’s own role is to also think big-picture – like how the bank can better prepare for the cyber security threats they’ll be facing in say, five years.

Daniel joined CBA after completing a degree in science specialising in IT at the University of Technology Sydney, and a year interning at global tech company WiseTech.

He joined CBA’s Graduate Program in the cyber security section, moving from focusing purely on software engineering to a hybrid role where he still gets to work in software development. And it doesn’t stop there, Daniel also works on future-proofing the bank’s approach to cyber security for the next decade.

Ready for anything

It means thinking fast, analytically, and creatively, as well as using tech skills, so every day is different. “Within my team we have engineers and analysts,” he says. “My role is to build these capabilities out and also see what’s beyond the horizon, in partnership with cyber intelligence, consider what the threats are now and what we can do to stop this, but also what’s coming up in the future.”

“It’s hard to know even in the next three months how criminals will attack our customers,” says Daniel. “Criminals will target our customers directly, so as well as building in protection, we also need to educate our customers as well.”

Customer care

Hacks can be surreptitious, says Daniel. Say you download a word document, and, unbeknownst to you, it has some malware included. The malware sits undetected on your computer, gathering info. The next time you open your browser, the malware kicks in, potentially redirecting a payment. 

“Our job is to best understand and catch the attack as early as possible, and even before money is compromised if we can,” says Daniel. “We can stop the transaction and notify the customer.”

“The challenges in my work are new everyday though so I learn a lot on the job,” he says. “It keeps it really interesting. I always wanted a job where I would be challenged everyday, be able to impact people at scale but also still work to build things myself.” 

Daniel’s study and career pathway

  • Bachelor Science in IT, University of Technology Sydney
  • Intern, WiseTech global
  • Enterprise services graduate, CBA
  • Security engineer, CBA
  • Senior Cyber Innovation Engineer, CBA

This article is brought to you in partnership with CBA and originally appears in Careers with STEM: Technology 2021.


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